Featured: The Big Tent Bazaar

I don’t believe that fashion needs to be expensive.
Let me show you guys some of the stuff that I had bought at the Don Antonio Big Tent bazaar from last month to last week. I swear, you would totally be surprised at how much I was able to buy these cutiepies!! x
1. Feather Clip
Feathers are so in today, don’t you agree?
It was originally priced at Php 100, but the beautiful sales lady (I swear, she’s so pretty) gave me a discount. She gave it to me for only 80 pesos, because the bazaar was about to close already. 
Lesson learned: always go to a bazaar when it’s about to close. Joke. HAHA.
The store’s name is Rosey Chiq. You may contact her here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001600356081
2. Braided hairband (ala boho chic)
I bought this from Rosey Chiq too :) It’s originally priced at 100 pesos, but as I said, since the bazaar was about to close already, she gave me a huge discount. I was able to get it for 50 pesos only!
3. Fringe Top
I bought this from a store named ‘Style Secret’. The owner, ate Gina, became a good friend of mine. I’m her biggest “suki”.
You may contact her through this number: 0917-570-32-50
She gives me wholesale discounts, because I’m a really regular customer of hers.

The fringe top is originally priced at 250 pesos. But since I’m her friend already, she gave me a BIG BIG BIG discount. Secret ko na kung magkano yun. HAHAHA.
* The stud ring was also bought from the bazaar. I was able to get it for only 100 pesos.
4. Assymetric Cropped top

It says “What Happens If?”. I just thought that it was a really cute and casual shirt :) I bought it for only 120 pesos from Style Secret.
* I bought the bandage skirt from another store in the bazaar named “Bella Tella”. It was only priced at 200, but I was able to buy it for 180 pesos.
5. Feather Earrings
I was able to buy my pair of feather earrings for only 50 pesos.
6. Striped Sweater
I am a big fan of Forever 21 !!! And guess who was able to spot a store in the bazaar that sells over runs from F21, H&M, Express, etc? ME!!!!!!!!!!!
The bazaar was on its last day, and it was about to close in 5 minutes, but I still managed to do my “paawa” expression to the sales lady. She said that since the bazaar was closing, and that I was too “makulit”, she gave it to me for a VERY VERY discounted price: ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY PESOS.
Wow, just..wow.
Lesson REALLY learned: go to a bazaar when it’s about to close. JOKE!! haha
Anyway, that particular sweater was the last piece/ stock. And guess what? It’s a size large!! It’s TOO big for me. But when I tried it on, it was perfect! It was as if it was meant to be an oversized sweater lol. 
7. Mustard Yellow Oversized Polo for men (but I use it as a coat)
Php 99.
8. Distressed Top
I bought this from Style Secret also for 250 pesos:) 
So girls, I recommend that you visit the big tent bazaar!:) You would spot there amazing finds, whether it be over run, pre loved, hand made, personalized, imported, etc!! Just make sure to be as good as a pirate when it comes to searching and hunting. Yes, hunting. Usually, the nice & affordable ones are always hidden in a corner, I don’t know why. Haha!