I Heart Manila!

This was the outfit I wore going to Trinoma yesterday to watch the unkabogable movie "Praybeyt Benjamin".
Watch out for my next post to find out the stuff I did last night!

Anyway, I felt like going super casual yesterday. Casual.... with an edge.

On me: Blue v-neck shirt from Forever 21
A pair of maong shorts that was handpainted and pimped by Hiyasmin Neri (my sister)
Red polka dot headband from Bayo
Leopard ribbon necklace made by Kyla Zuniga
Black flats from Mario d Boro
Black vintage sling purse that was given as a hand-me-down
Rings from big tent bazaar and Quiapo

And to pimp up the outfit even more, I added an oversized polo.

Oh, and if you all were wondering how I got my curls..

Surprise, surprise! I actually used real rollers. My mom brought the curling iron with her to her conference, so I was left with old school rollers. Talk about Jurassic! lol!!

Honestly, I kinda like the vintage feel the rollers gave me. :)

On a random note, how's your sembreak going, guys?