Buy 1 Take 1

October 30, 2011

Dad's uncle, Uncle Joe, celebrated his 80th birthday party at Pampanga.
Our family, being the "bibbo ones", volunteered to be in charge of the games/hosting/program.

The theme of the party is Hawaiian. We went  in our FULL costumes. When we got to the party, not everyone was wearing a costume. We decided to take off some of our accessories, so that we won't look too "over-the-top". lol.

The party was a blast! It was a party AND a reunion at the same time. There were lots and lots of food!! Lechon boboy, crabs, shrimp, pancit, lasagna, fish fillet, etc!!
There were sing-alongs , too! Y'all know that us Filipinos LOVE to sing!
Mom and I. :)

Dad, Ate Yas, Me, and Mom

With our Aunt Sai

Dad was the emcee of the party. I swear, he's the funniest, coolest, greatest emcee slash dad ever!!!
My sister getting some free "dirty" ice cream

With our little cousin, Yra

After the games and program, the dance floor was opened to everyone. They hired a live band to play music from the 70s-2000s! It was fun! There was one point where everyone joined the "train" dance!

We went home to Manila around 5pm. While we were on our way home, we decided to have a stop over at  "Shell of Asia". Shell of Asia is the biggest "Shell gasoline station" in the Philippines. It's like a mini mall or something. 

When we got to the Shell of Asia, we saw a bunch of mini stores.
We were attracted to this particular sign board that said "BUY 1 TAKE 1"

We found out that these shoes were made from Laguna, Philippines. That means that it's of good quality.
The designs are super cute, too!

So each costed 795 pesos. Since it's BUY 1 TAKE 1, we only paid for 1,590 pesos. 
It shows that, because of the discount, each pair of shoes was priced at only 397 pesos!! not bad, huh? 
And to think  that it's made from Laguna!! :)

My fashionista sister fitting her chosen pair of heels. The pair is super cute, I swear!! It's sooo "fasyon".

I just picked a classic. Everyone knows that nothing beats the classics! I chose a black pair of wedge heels. It's simple yet cute, and it can match almost any dress!

They had espadrilles, too! 

Lol, the sales person looked awfully tired!! Maybe because us three were so makulit and "choosy". 

While we were shopping, dad turned his chill mode 'on' at Starbucks.

Our cute pairs of shoes were stored in a shoe box, and then they were put inside a cute, purple tote bags:)

My outfit today:
Pink floral mini dress form Forever 21 (I just borrowed this from my sister, Ate Yas)
Brown vintage hand bag
Green nine west shoes 

I loved Ate Yas's outfit today!

Shell of Asia!! :)