Palawan Has Got My Heart! DAY 3

On our third day at Palawan, we went to Honda Bay.
Since we arrived there at around 10am, and we had to be at the airport by 4, we only got the chance to tour around TWO islets in Honda Bay: the Isla Pandan and the Snake Island.

I was kind of disappointed. Honda Bay was "over advertised", so I had really set my expectations high. But when we went snorkeling, I was not the least bit delighted to see dead corals everywhere.
We also saw dead clams opened already (wait, not sure of the species; basta shell sila haha).

Oh well, at least we had fun feeding the fishes!
Even though I was disappointed with the corals and the environment under sea, the fishes didnt fail to make my visit to Honda Bay memorable! 
They were all lovely! x

Look, it's Nemo!

After snorkeling, we ate at Isla Pandan.
We bought yummy food there!
We ate A LOT: fish, pork liempo, crabs, banana cake, turon, halo halo, etc.

lol filipinos are so ..err.. "creative". San pa kayo naka-kita ng CR sa loob ng bangka? haha!

Fun camera tricks at Snake Island! LOL-ing. What is nakaka-asar? HAHAHA!

Saw this along the shore.
Inside my head I was like "DESTROYYYY. Bwahahaha!"
Seriously, I had to fight the urge to step on this.
Loljk. This was, uhm, sweet.
(bitterness alert haha)

Our flight got delayed by an hour and a half.

Huhu, goodbye Palawan! I love you so much! I promise to visit again.. SOON!
Palawan has got my heart!