Palawan Has Got My Heart! // DAY ONE

We headed to Palawan last November 5, 2011. We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights.
It was actually my first time to go to Palawan. I must admit that every single thing in Palawan has made me so happy and blissful.

God is so amazing! I still get the shivers whenever I realize that our God made the beautiful mountains, the dancing trees, the breath-taking ocean, and the calming sunset. Indeed, our God is wonderful!

I can't wait to go back to Palawan. I am such a proud Filipino! :)

Here, let me narrate to you what I did on our first day in this amazing place:

I, with my mom, dad, and sister, flew to Palawan on a plane. I would like to thank Cebu Pacific for a safe flight!
The clouds were beautiful, weren't they?

We just landed on Palawan!

I super love my mom's fab Versace bag.

Love my unique pair of sunglasses? 
My balikbayan Aunt Sai from Los Angeles stayed in the Philippines for a while.
While we were shopping at Bonifacio High Street, we came upon Aldo Accessories. She told me to pick anything I want. This pair immediately caught my eyes!! I think it's so edgy. :) Thank you Aunt Sai!!

We had a stop-over at this small, charming place.

My outfit:
Kids of Bayo corset-ish tank top (yes, apparently I still have my size in that shop!)
Denim shorts that I bought from a bazaar in Tagaytay Highlands
Mario D'Boro flats
F21 black cardigan
Louis Vuitton bag
Aldo shades


Actually, Ugong Rock wasnt really supposed to be on our Agenda. 
We just saw this on our way to our hotel. We got curious so we stepped out of the car and inquired what this was all about.

Turns out that Ugong Rock Cave Adventure is one of the must-do activities in Palawan!! woohoo!

We had the freedom to choose our own pair of helmets. Of course, i chose girly pink!

In front of the cave!! 

The cave was named "Ugong Rock" because it produces noise
whenever you tap its surface.

"Ugong, ugong", says the cave!

Going through the tunnel!

This was the hardest part of the challenge.
We had to get to the top by just holding onto a rope.
It was really tricky! And mind you, it's a lot more challenging than it looks!

Finally out of the cave! I can see the light!!

Going up the stairs to go ziplining! :)

Ziplining, here we go!

The cave adventure lasted for about an hour and a half.

Then we drove all the way to Sabang.
We had a reservation at the Sheridan Beach and Spa Resort.
It was the most beautiful in Sabang, Palawan, I swear!!
It's so beautiful that even President NoyNoy Aquino stayed here!

It was a very hot afternoon when we arrived in Sheridan. The people were so thoughtful, that they gave us refreshments upon entering: a glass of yummy pineapple juice and a damp, cold hand towel to wipe our faces with.

These photos do no justice to Sheridan itself.

The place is just so beautiful.
Even more beautiful than these pictures!

Look at this 340-foot long pool! It even has a bar in the middle, and some jacuzzis inside the pool, too!

The lounge or something.

This is so cool. The chairs were actually in water, too!

The sand was like that of Boracay's. 
Tho it wasn't colored white, it was still talc-like.

We had a candle-lit dinner at Sheridan by the beach.

Look at how cute my parents were! They had fun making shadow art together. Awwww.

After dinner, my sister and I stayed at the verandas outside. The place had WiFi EVERYWHERE so we surfed the net while sitting on a comfy little couch outside. It was relaxing because we could hear the waves crash the shore while we were busy surfing the net. heehee.

Stay tuned for my post about what we did on our second day!:)