Palawan Has got My Heart! // DAY TWO

Our second day at Palawan was such an adventure!

First, we ate breakfast at Sheridan at around 6am. Yummy buffet!

Look at the beautiful morning sky!

Fortunately, the boats headed to the Puerto Princesa Underground River were
just a 5-minute walk away from our hotel.

Look at the cute tricycle!

At our boat headed to the underground river!

What a beautiful view!


It's a bayawak!

Foreigners were taking photos of the bayawak!

We chose our own life vests. They vary in sizes :)

The forest trail going to the river.

Here it is! The Puerto Princesa Underground River- a candidate of the world's wonder of nature!

We landed on the first row of the boat. Which meant that we were responsible 
for holding the spotlight while inside the dark cave!! woohoo!

Here we go!

There's this place inside the cave called the cathedral.
There were rock formations of angels, Virgin Mary, and Jesus.

Goodbye, underground river!
Hello, sunlight!

I was so moved by the underground river.
I really felt that it deserved to be part of the world's list of wonders of nature.

When I got back to school, I headed to the office to talk directly to our Vice Principal.
I proposed that the school make a movement on voting for the river.

Thank God she thought that the idea was wonderful.
Us senior students in highschool campaigned all over the campus.

We encouraged everyone to text PPUR to 2861, and to vote online.

Thank God that the PPUR is one of the provisional winners! Which means that we got in! But no final announcements have been made yet. Let's wait until 2012 for the winners to be announced.

Go, Philippines! Pinoy Pride!

On a random note, I really think this girl's tan is so neat! I love it!

Jumping for joy!

Oh, look! It's a face of a man! Can you see it?

Kudos to the group of friends who made this neat sandcastle!

Mom enjoying the 340-foot long pool at Sheridan!

"I just wanna be at the beach! Sunburn!!"

Tres Marias. LOL!

The fail sandcastle that my sister and I made.

I only had my Henna for 150 pesos! What a deal!

Letting my henna dry.

I super love my henna! :)

I suddenly remembered the movie "The Last Song" when  I
saw this sea turtle nest:)

We planned on going to the Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour. But to go there,
we must have some sort of transportation. And what better transpo is there to go on than an ATV?!

VROOOOM-ing all the way to the mangroves!

This place was a mess- PERFECT for adventure-seekers like us!

And after the chaotic, muddy place....
is, of course, the beautiful beach side!

This was especially my favorite part of the trip. 
The breeze hitting my face, my hair flowing to all directions, and the people staring at me. I could 
almost hear the voices inside their heads say, "who's that chick on wheels?" (partial chos lang haha)

And we're here at the Mangroves!! woohooo!

Our tourguide was a sweet, witty, and charming native of Palawan.

He taught as a very important lesson that day. We learned that mangroves are important, for it is where fishes are born. Fishes all over stay in Mangroves while they are super duper young. So we should take care of mangroves because the population of fishes depend on them.

Look, kuya manong is smiling with us!

At dahil bibbo ang pamilya ko... HAHAHAHA!

Riding on ATVs again heading back to the hotel!

We had another candle-lit dinner by the beach :)

Phew! I just got exhausted from creating this blog post.
Oh how I wish I could relive this day!

Watch out for DAY 3, okay?