Stars and Stripes

It's a holiday today! Happy Bonifacio Day to all my fellow Filipinos!
This is my outfit today.
Isn't it kind of ironic that I wore an American-inspired outfit on Bonifacio Day? I just noticed that, like, right now.
*slaps forehead*

I'll tell you guys what I did today on my next blog post.
But for the mean time, enjoy the photos!

PS. im sorry for the super low quality of photos! I tried my best saving the photos through editing, but this was all I got. You see, I shot these photos at around 4pm. The sky was cloudy, so the photos turned out to be dark!

Anyway, thanks to my nanny for taking these photos! I love her so much! She's been with us for 15 years now:)

I like how these 2 photos turned out to look "retro-ish".

On a random note, I just realized how long my hair is now! My goal is to have it super duper long, just like Vanessa Hudgens'.

Polo (Style Secret: my fave store at the big tent bazaar)
Shorts (Forever Young)
Bag (Louis vuitton)
Rings (bazaar)
Shoes (refer to this blog entry of mine; oh and I just borrowed this from my sister)