Street Chic

October 31, 2011

I was supposed to go Trick or Treating with older sister today. But due to circumstances, we just decided to cancel our plans.
I texted Bria if I could go to her house. She wanted to have a fun shoot, because her mom had just gave her brand new lens.

I arrived at her house around 3pm. It was funny because I was still wearing vintage rollers on my hair when I got there. I didn't know that her uncle and mom were there, too. Everyone practically just stared at me for what I was wearing on my hair lol.

The rollers turned out as failure. My hair didn't curled up. NOTHING happened except that it became even more untame-able. grrrr.

We shot these photos at the vacant lot, just outside Bria's  house.

Photographer: Brianna Cardenas + Bria's yaya (haha)
Make up: Hershey Neri
Editing: Hershey Neri

Oh, and if you are wondering why my hair is abnormally wavy at the left side..... it's because I had difficulties using the curlers (and by curlers, I mean the vintage ala jurassic rollers my mom stored at the very back of her make up room)....... because I don't really know how to syle my hair (and I was too lazy to use the curling iron haha say what)
lol what a disaster. Haha, oh well papel. hahaha. keme lang.

Oh, and look guys! I'm actually wearing the pair of wedges I bought the last time (refer to my previous blog post)!

 I had a really fun time with mah girlfrrand! 

What about you guys? How did your Halloween go? :)