1960s Headwrap

December 21, 2011

Well, it was an on-the-spot, what-will-be-will-be-na-nga-lang gimmick with my buddies, Angeline and Dave.

You see, I needed to do some last-minute Christmas shopping for this guy.
I asked Angeline to go with me because she's my best friend, and I asked Dave because he's the guy's best friend-- and I both needed their opinions. HAHAHAHA.

I'm so glad they responded so quickly. At super game na game sila.
I love you guys. Sorry I was sooo much of a hassle :(

They arrived at my house at around 6:30pm.
My sister drove us to Trinoma at 7.
We went shopping from 8-10 or something like that (Trinoma closed at 12 midnight)

After we shopped for like 2 and a half hours, we ate dinner at Taco Bell.

My outfit!

I bought this bag from Greenhills Night Market. Haha! It's super affordable. It just costed 300 pesos!! woah!

I was so kilig when my dad bought me this bag. I've always had a fetish for fur, plus I'm so into fringes right now!

Headwrap- Greenhills
Polo- Bazaar
[fun fact about the polo: It's actually for men! Plus, it's pre-loved. I usually wear it as a coat or something, but I tried experimenting that night. I tied the polo at the middle to form something like a bolero, and I folded the sleeves.]
Shorts: forever 21
Shoes: Mario D Boro

After eating dinner at Trinoma, we headed to the guy's house and surprised him with my present :)

The Teenage Queen