An Awkward Little Girl Exploring Trinoma

December 2, 2011.

Today makes history in the life of the teenage queen (chos!)

Today is actually the first time that I ever went to a mall---- alone.

I know I'm a bit too old to be experiencing this kind of thrill and satisfaction.

I mean, come on! Kids as young as 12 years old already go to the mall by themselves!

But I'm... different.

I'm sheltered.
I'm scared.
I'm clueless.
I'm naive.
I'm just a little girl trapped inside a teenager's body (HALA ANO DAW)

Anyway, let me tell you how it all started.

I had to meet up with my customer (I own an online shop) at Trinoma at around 7:30pm.
My parents left earlier this morning and headed to Boracay.
So I was left with the driver.
But my sister had an event to attend to at Mandaluyong, so she had to ride the car with us.
We planned that I would be dropped off at Trinoma first, then my driver would drop my older sister at Mandaluyong, then the driver would come back for me to bring me back to my home.

The first thing that went in my mind was, "WHAAAT? I'm going to Trinoma ALONE?  I never went anywhere alone! I'd usually be with my mom, or dad, or sisters, or nanny, or friends, or relatives... but never alone!"

I tweeted messages like
"Anyone who wants to go out to Trinoma w me? PLEASE IM DESPERATE FOR A "FRIEND". :("
"Im freakin serious!! I need someone to be with @ trinoma!! Desperate ako!! Im friendless at the moment lolz"
"I'm pleading for literally ANYONE to go to tri w me!!!!! Pls??"

People responded to my tweets like "Aw, sayang. It's raining kasi eh".

So I tried calling

None could come.

So anyway, I decided to 'man up' and go there alone.

aw who am I kidding... I was freakin awkward all throughout the night!


Strike 1.

After I stepped off the car, I was "strutting" my way to the mall entrance, feeling the wind in my hair and all. Then,  I almost slipped.

Emphasis on ALMOST, please.

I literally stepped on wet floor (i blame the stupid, strong rain) and "skated" all my way to the mall entrance. I gave out a short but high-pitched shriek.
People stared.
I giggled and did my "im-just-a-kid-so-please-forgive-my-gawkyness" smile. No one bothered to smile back. They just stared. What is it with people and staring??

Strike 2.

I waited for my customer for around 20 minutes.
We agreed that we would meet up at Breadtalk.

While waiting,  I got bored... so I decided to go to Fullybooked (which was just in front of BreadTalk).

While I was browsing through some books, I quickly babbled to the salesman things like "Bakit ganun? 569 pesos nalang yung Belle De Jour 2012 planner .. pero nung Belle De Jour 2011 planner, 800 pesos?" or "Eto lang ba yung cover design?"

Nobody was responding to any of my inquires. I looked up only to see that this man was staring at me, confused.


I thought he was a salesman because his polo looked the same as what the people who work there wear.

Strike 3.
When I finally met with my customer, I noticed how pretty she was!
We started making small talk. I really thought she was cool. I wanted to impress her so much, but I blew it.


Hershey: Haha, uhm... nanotice niyo na po ba yung mga parol sa Quezon City?
Patrice: bakit?
Hershey: Wala lang , napansin kong may mga advertisements pa na naka lagay doon. Like 'sky cable' . Ano ba yan, parol na nga lang pinagsposponsoran pa.
Patrice: Ah... ha..ha..ha..oo nga eh.

Why did I have to talk to her about stupid lanterns?
Ugh when will I ever stop being lame, and start making new friends lol.

Enough said.

Anyway,miss Patrice was so kind enough to at least pretend to think im funny- or cool even.
She purchased this dress from my shop. Make sure to like my online boutique.

After doing our business and some small talk, I decided to walk around Trinoma (you know, since my sister and driver are still suffering traffic going to Mandaluyong).

I kinda liked being alone for the first time. I had a quality date with myself and I.
It was fun. I didn't need to wait for anyone, or accompany anyone to go anywhere.
I did what I wanted to do, and I was happy.
I actually felt all grown up already :) I'm just so proud of myself. HAHAHA. Im so sorry, this is such an achievement for a super sheltered girl like me.

What I did that night: shopped!


Well, window shopped mostly. I went hunting for gift items that I could buy this Christmas. I didn't buy anything yet, just hunted for neat stuff.

But I decided to buy something as a "remembrance" of what I did what.

So I decided to buy make up!

I went to Maybelline and.. guess what? THEY'RE ON SALE!!

I bought a super pink lipstick + a minty, refreshing lip  balm called "Baby Lips"

The Baby Lips costed only 79 pesos.
I bought it because 1) the packaging was super cute  2) I thought that I needed an "everyday-lipsmacker". Something without fancy stuff like glitters or colors. Something that really looked natural, and something that's healthy for my lips!

I decided this was the perfect lip balm! It had 3 different flavors: cherry, mint, and orange.

I chose mint for a change.

I didnt choose wrong! I super love how my lips felt super cool after applying this on them.
So girls, if you're going to buy Maybelline's Baby Lips, make sure to buy the menthol-flavored one, okay?

Then I bought a super pink waterproof lipstick.
I think the shade looks nice. The color reminds me of Barbie's lips :)
It only costed 209 pesos.

Do you like my boots? My parents bought them for me from Russia! They were on sale too! They got it from ZARA TRF.

I also noticed how brown my hair was that night! It's weird because I've always had black hair since I was young.  I remember that I  had my hair cellophaned color brown last 2 years ago, but why is the color still here?  Arent cellophanes supposed to last for only a month?
Or maybe my hair's really that damaged kaya brown na siya. HAHAHA! 

This was my outfit that night!
Forgive me for the lame photos + quality + everything.
My parents brought with them the nice camera, so I was left with the old  one 

HAHA you shall now get a good look of our kitchen and dining area. 

Top: From Little Miss Posh
actually this was part of my shop's collection. But I decided to keep this because it was really unique!

Shorts : bazaar

Boots: Zara TRF

bag: this is a vintage hand-me-down

Rings: bazaar

So that's how my night went!

How about you? What are your achievements this week? :)