A Candy Christmas!

December 16, 2011

Check out this blog post to see what I was up to before this party.

So imagine this guys:

After being all so hungry, drained, and not to mention SWEATY, I still had to attend a Christmas party!

So after I had gobbled up all the left over spaghetti (thank God we had around 10 extra plates! Buti nalang talaga hindi nagkulang yung good. Praise God!), I immediately ran to the classroom to pack my stuff, and then headed to my school bus.

But lo and behold, my bus left me.
I checked the clock and- woah- it was already 4:20 pm!!

The party started at 3 o'clock, and would end by 6pm.

So I had no choice but to commute.

Rone, my friend, felt uncomfortable about me walking to my house- even though it's just like a 15-20 minute walk from Don Antonio.

Not only because I was young and naive, but also because he knew that I don't really go out by myself (read this blogpost).

He was kind enough to give me money to ride on a tricycle. I was really touched by his concern for me. :') Gentlemen really do still exist! hehe.

Anyway, Boodie let me hitch a ride in her car.
She dropped me off at Don Antonio. From there, I rode on a tricycle alone.
After riding on the tricycle, I had to run to my house.

I arrived at my house at around 4:40pm. Not baaad! Haha I told you my house was not that far from school!

Anyway, I had to do a super quick, 5-minute shower.

Then, I didn't know what got in to me but I was able to dress up in 30 minutes!
My sister helped me out with my costume. She's a stylist, you know:)

Anyway, since the party's theme was "candy land", I decided to go in a "Willy Wonka-inspired" costume.


Good thing that House of Dance was just inside my village.
I walked halfway going there, and then rode on a tricycle- again, by myself.
[I'm so proud of myself! haha! I'm not sheltered anymore! woohoo!]

It was really funny when, while I was walking, people rolled their car windows at me and just stared.
Maybe they thought, "Has this girl gone loka?"
HAHAHA! And some passersby even flashed me an "oh-my-god-im-walking-beside-a-crazy-person" look!

I arrived at the party SUPER LATE--- 5:30 pm.

It was already the announcement of the costume winners.

Aaaw, too bad! I wanted to win, loljk.

These were the winners of the costume party:


Random snap shots!!

I love candies! Hahaha!

Hat- borrowed from my sister
Wig- borrowed from my sister
Rayban Glasses- borrowed from Rone
Zara top- borrowed from my sister
Purple Jacket- from Solo
Denim shorts- bazaar
black stockings- SM Dept store
Leg Warmers
Harajuku Lovers shoes

This is me with Teacher Fina- a super sexy ballet and jazz teacher! Haha! :)
I loooove her costume!

Teacher Kim (ballet teacher), Teacher Clang (my jazz teacher), and Tita Merl (the owner of House of Dance)

Good thing my friends were still there.
L-R (Baba and Erricka)
Baba, my classmate in school, also arrived late. It was obvious that she also got tired from the amazing feeding program we had!:)

I gave away tiny, cute boxes of Wonka Nerds! haha!

Sweeeet! They had a candy bar! Unlimited gummy bears, pochi's, cakes, hard candies, etc!

Their buffet was also nice! They served DELICIOUS pasta (red sauce, white sauce, and pesto), sausages on sticks, etc!

I loved the sausages on sticks! haha!

Erricka posing in her Kitkat costume! Kudos to Baba's mom for making this! How creative!!


I left the party at around 7 pm, because we stayed to chill even though the party ended at 6.

Then I went to the Big Tent bazaar to shop for some stuff :)

I decided to dress down a bit so that people won't give me "what-the-hell-is-she-wearing" stares again.

Tune in for my next blog post about what I did the next day! Haha! What a hectic schedule, kidd!

The Teenage Queen