Christmas Eve :)

December 24, 2011

This is how we celebrated Christmas Eve:)

My sisters' boyfriends were invited by my parents to eat lunch at our house. :)
They said na "para may representative naman si Ate Hannah this Christmas". Haha.
*In case you didnt know yet, my eldest sister now works at USA. :)

My parents were so cute! They played Christmas songs, bought/prepared delicious meals, and even arranged the table ala fine dining! Actually, Fine dining kuno daw. Hahaha!

Mom:  Happy ba kayo sa gintong kutsara't tinidor? Once a year lang namin yan nilalabas!!

Oh my, the golden spoons and forks. =))

Clockwise L-R
Me, Kuya Paolo , Dad, Mom, Kuya James, Ate Yas

Guess who wanted to join the picture!
Spot Yuki the dog! haha!

Mom's "golden spoons and forks"

AHH! My all time favorite Ube cake and Oreo Cheesecake!

How kulit!! Even the tissue papers fit in the "Christmas theme"

I rejoiced over the first glass of wine that Dad FINALLY let me drink (woohoo) while Kuya Pao just enjoyed his coffee. :D

Christmas kisses, anyone?

After lunch, Kuya Pao left because he had to go to his grandpa's place.

Dad suddenly suggested that we should have Yuki groomed.  

Off to Tiendesitas to pamper the princess!

While at Tiendesitas, Kuya James fell in love with this brown Siberian Husky who had blue eyes :)

We went inside "My Pet OneStation" to have Yuki groomed.
While we were waiting for her turn, we met Charlie- the newly groomed poodle.
Charlie's owners were still out shopping, so the groomers left Charlie at the waiting area.

We didn't know if it play with someone else's dog without permission...
but he was just too cute to resist!

Yuki was just staring at us while we were playing with Charlie.
We teased Yuki, "Yieeeeee. May crush si Manang Yuki kay Charlie. Ayieeeeee."

Then Yuki just looked away and snobbed us. HAHAAHHA!

We also noticed that every time we touched Charlie's back, umuusok siya! It was because of the doggie powder that was put on him. We even joked around and said, "Hala.. tigilan na natin ang paghawak kay Charlie. Baka magalit owner niya kapag naubos na yung powder niya! "

It was finally Yuki's turn to be groomed.

"Ayieee, shineshave si Yukiiii"

After shaving, Yuki had her bath. She seemed relaxed. Probably because the water was lukewarm :)

Yuki liked the blowdryer! haha!

My Pet One Station is a really great place to have your princes/princesses groomed!
The people there were sooo friendly, the dogs seemed happy, plus their store was clean and air-conditioned ( a major plus!!!) Oh, and they also gave us a Christmas gift: a doggie calendar!! Nako, babalik kami sa Pet One Station. Sulit na sulit ang binayad!

We availed of their Christmas promo. 350 pesos nalang yung grooming :) That includes bath, blow dry, hair cut, cleaning of the ears,and trimming of the nails. :D

They also have a studio photo booth for dogs! You just have to pay extra 50 pesos :D 

Yuki getting  in her Santa Baby costume!

Heading home now! 

A photo of Tiendesitas:)


Dad was so excited to get home, so that he could show mom how gwapa she is now.

Mom was like "Wowwww, for the first time, nagmukha na siyang stuffed toy!"

My sister & I thought of wearing winter hats to welcome Christmas! 

This day, December 24, 2011, marks the VERY FIRST time mother held Yuki!!
Hahahaha! They usually don't like each other. Mom hates it when Yuki goes inside of the house looking like a mess; Yuki hates mom when she nags at her.
But... wow. This photo is so convincing, 'no? HAHAHAHAHA oh, what grooming does to people!

Noche Buena @ 9pm. :)

Prayer time. :)

The food was glorious!! We had HOT HOT HOT Sinigang Pork (ighh, my all time favorite woohoo), and delicious salmon!

11:30 pm. 
We had bible devotions at our garden area.

12 midnight.

We welcomed Christmas by EATING AGAIN!!!

Aww look! Even Yuki had her own bowl to join us for Christmas dinner! :)

We opened our gifts together:)

I felt so blessed for having been given a fun family and a bunch of amazing gifts! :)
Lord, thank you for this day.
But most importantly, thank you for the greatest Gift of all- Jesus, the giver of life.

Lord, I give back to you all the praise and glory!

Happy birthday, Lord Jesus!

The Teenage Queen