Extraordinary Christmas!

December 20, 2011

My very last highschool Christmas party+ presentation.

I just want to Thank God for making this such a perfect day!

I got to spend time with my dearest friends, give gifts to my loved ones and see the smiles spread on their faces, and bond with my second family.

We did nothing all day but laugh (and eat)!
When I grow up, I'm happy to say that I'll look back to this day with a gigantic grin on my face. 

*special thanks to Snow Florendo for some of the photos! *

8am-9:30 am.
We just chilled at our classroom and did whatever.

Gave gifts, talked and talked, took photos, had a dance showdown, whatevs.

Well, I've always dreamt of having a photo with me being carried like a goddess.....

But.. yeah. It was so funny when they, being the 'gentlemen' they are, just laid me on the floor right after the photo was shot.

HAHAHAHA sigh, good times. I love my guy pals!

Someone took this photo of me. Haha, what was I doing!?


Jomar borrowed my camera. Upon returning it to me, I couldn't help but laugh my ass out when i saw this=))
I literally felt like my tummy was going to form abs or something.

His typical-pacute-jeje-5th-grader pose. =))

Rone joined in the photo and did his typical pacute-jeje-peace-tayo pose =)) 


People just chilling while waiting to be called to proceed to the stage for our Christmas presentation.


Our presentation was all about a poor boy (portrayed by Reinhardth Cristobal) who wanted to wish for gifts this Christmas.

First, he thought of wishing for toy soldiers.

The toy soldiers were portrayed by most of the 4th year boys.
They danced to "Drummer Boy by Justin Bieber"

choreo: Arturo Barredo, Ren Realeza, etc.

Then Reinhardth realized 

"Hindi naman ako mabubusog sa mga laruan. Pagmamahal nalang. Gusto ko ng one true love!"

So some of the 4th year girls went as "Santa Babies".

They danced to "Santa Can You Hear Me? by Britney Spears"

Choreo: Ysabel Lava, Hershey Neri, Dani Barretto, Kimmy Antenorcruz, ETC!

Actually, I think we all contributed in making the steps!

Group hug, santa babies! Best groupmates everr! :*

(L-R) Kim, Leigh, Aubrey, Dani, Ysabal aka Baba, Kimmy, Angeline, Yours Truly, Belly, and Alecx

Then, Reinhardth realized that he was 'too young' for love. So maybe he'll just wish for candies.

Some of the boys and girls in 4th year went as candies!
They danced to Aaron Carter's I Want Candy and Fergie's Fergilicious.

Choreo: Kit Ladao, Miya Billones, Boodie Lastimosa, Klyde Tiberio, Bea Castaneda, etc.

Then Reinhardth suddenly remembered that his grandpa once told him that Christmas isn't about receiving gifts.
It's about remembering how God gave us the greatest gift of all time- Jesus Christ, the gift of life.

So this Christmas, just like how God gave to us His one and only son, we should all remember to give and spread blessings and happiness and joy to everyone!

We got tons of good feedback from the vice principal, the teachers, and the parents!
They said that our presentation was cute and enjoyable.
That really made me happy, because we were able to remind people the true meaning of Christmas :)

For our finale number, we danced to Glee's "Have an Extraordinary Merry Christmas" !!! :)

I remember us laughing and just enjoying each other's presence while dancing to this song.
We were all just playing around and doing all sorts of noises on the stage.

It gave me a warm feeling inside. Both happiness and sadness. Although I'm happy that I was able to dance a great number with the people I love dearly, I also got sad because I also remembered that this was going to be the very last Christmas presentation that I'll ever have in highschool.
I'm actually growing up. And everything seemed to pass by too fast.

While I was performing in front, all I did was to do my best and make the most of that moment.
I will never forget the laughter we all shared and the cheers we all got.

I love you, 4th year batch 2012! :)

I'll try uploading the vid one of these days:)


Right after the Christmas program, we went to our respective classrooms for the Christmas party.
My class decided to have a costume party!!! Agh, I love how fun my classmates are! Haha!

Raha as a scuba diver.
He even flipped his damp hair in front of us as he entered the classroom.
We were like , "Uhm. Ok."

Angeline, Me, Baba, Belly

Angeline and Belly dressed up as kiddies in pajamas, while Baba and I went as a Kitkat bar! 
Is our costume familiar? Haha, well of course it is! It was the same costume Baba wore during the Candy Christmas party! [Click this blog post to see the cute costumes! :) ]

Dave went as superman.
How cute!! Well, Dave is Super Kap's (our barangay captain) son.
What a.. coincidence? lol.

Aubs and Ralph as Santa helpers. =))

Alec as a hippie! And yes, that's still Raha beside him. Haha!

Sab as a milking maid, Alec as a hippie, Boodie as Esmeralda, and Geonah as Pocahontas

Teacher Lani (left) as someone from the 70s, and Lorra as Minnie Mouse

I loved Ally's costume!

Carlo as experiment 626.. I mean, some Hawaiian dude. HAHAHA!
Oh, and Jacob went as the-guy-who-didnt-have-time-to-think-of-a-costume.

Random snapshots

Oh my gosh, am I really THAT small!?

I also hosted a game called " Dress the Christmas Tree", wherein the class was  separated into two group: Girls' team and Boys' team. Each group were to dress their own representative like a christmas tree in just 10 minutes.

The boys' tree...

The girls' tree..

And the winner was the girls' team!! :D

After the class party, we all went to Filinvest 2 to swim! :)

 I'm happy that this was the BEST and LAST Christmas party I've ever had.
Thank you God for this day!

The Teenage Queen