A Free Drink For Me! ☺

Last Monday, I came home to this:

Wow. As in, SUPER DUPER WOW. It's one thing to win contests like this. I mean, c'mon! Not everyone gets to win!

But it's ANOTHER thing to have your blog promoted on a well-known and respected Tea Shop's Official Like Page!! I was literally doing mah happy dance when I saw this. A lot of friends tweeted to congratulate me and stuff. I was flattered, and humbled, and everything in between.

This was such a surprise for me.I was the very definition of happy, shocked, honored, and speechless.
Oh, thank you thank you thank you, Moonleaf Don Antonio!

Thank you for this wonderful blessing!

December 7, 2011
It was a super tiring day.
Firstly, I didnt get to eat breakfast because I had to rush going to school. I didnt want to be late for the 21st time!! 
Secondly, I didn't get to eat during snack time because I was totally pissed off by some people *long story*
Thirdly, I didn't get to eat merienda after going to school, because I had to WALK to House of Dance to pay my dance recital fees.  

Omg, what is super duper tiring!! I was soooo frakin drained. 

So when I got home, I was really tired and hungry. BUT I had to take a shower because in any minute, my friends, who just came from  basketball varsity training at our village's covered court, would be coming over.  We promised each other that we would ride a tricycle together going to Moonleaf.

Back story:
Hershey: so.... maglalakad lang tayo going there?
Hershey: *senses the sarcasm behind his voice*
-raha, hershey, and dave walk going out of the village-
Raha: Ba't ganyan suot mo?
Hershey: Anong problema mo?
Raha: Tingnan mo naman kami *points at his 'training attire'
Hershey: Okay lang yan, para magmukha akong donya habang naglalakad, tas kayo body guards ko.
-we walked pass by some tricycle drivers-
Hershey: Guys, kapag nilapitan ako ng mga lalake, poprotektahan niyo ako diba?
Dave: Tatakbuhan namin sila, siyempre
Raha: onga, baka mapahamak pa kami dahil sayo eh
Dave: isusurrender pa nga namin ikaw sakanila eh
Raha: Or better yet, tulungan namin silang saktan ka



I dressed up simply. I wasn't going anywhere fancy, anyway.
After all, this was just a spur-of-the-moment gimmick with my highschool friends.
Plus, I needed to go to Moonleaf today because this day was the last day of the claiming of prizes.

Top:  Blue and white checkered polo
bottom: denim shorts
Black flats: Mario D Boro

So this is a photo of me claiming my prize.
I was a tad bit awkward at first, because I didnt know how to..... uhm, order.

I was like "how am I going to tell the girl that im going to order, but it's for free, because i won a game "
was i supposed to say something like, "hi, i won the game. so where's my prize?"
or should i say something like "one wintermelon for free, please"

These words just came out of my mouth all of  a sudden "Hi. I'm Hershey. Uhh, I won this game. Here's my ID"
And I showed her my ID. 
The girl gave out a super warm smile.

I noticed that all my friends just came from training.
Dave and Raha trained for basketball.
Baba came from her Dance Company training. 

Hershey: Guys, TANUNGIN NIYO AKO KUNG NAGTRAINING BA AKO TODAY! *sarcastic voice with matching exagge hand that points toward my clothes*

Buti nalang talaga nag pantalon na si Dave at si Raha. Kung nag basketball shorts pa sila, nako sobrang out of place ko na.

I feel so.... unathletic.
I don't even know how to freakin dance, for goodness' sake!!

Baba and I getting comfy at the sofa!

 Wintermelon Milk Tea for Hershey! With matching smiley faces!

Ha!! Not everyone gets to have "congratulations" written on their cup!!
*insert gloating face here*

PS. I recommend that you guys try Wintermelon with Nata and Pearls!! AMAZZZZIIIING!

With Baba, my childhood friend, and Raha, my guy best friend! :)

I also noticed that they only offer colored pens to be borrowed now....Wala ng sharpie pens. 
Maybe because they saw the photo na tumagos yung ink ng permanent pentel pen sa table. omg, im so sorry, moonleaf! lol

Remember how I said that I looked forward to having happy moments at moonleaf don antonio?
well, this is one of them!
We didnt mind any of the occasional stares that the people would give us.
We made a fool of ourselves and made the tea shop our own studio!

 Aren't we just .......sexy? HAHA

Cocoy and Dave's candid shot.
Lol Dave, ba't parang wagas kang sumipsip? HAHA!

Baba, Me, Cocoy, Dave

Hi guys! Say what's up to da Budoys! 


.... not..funny..at..all.

Say hey to the losers! 

Say hello to miss aerobics =))

....... uhm...

(R-L) Christine Reyes, Derek Ramsay, Anne Curtis

lol our version of "No Other Woman" 's poster.


Haha good times! 

We did a prank on Raha and hid his cellphone number here.

Oh look! My note's still here! Plus I know the people who wrote on the other notes!

Before heading home, I said goodbye to the owners of the shop, who were chilling outside the store.

the cool thing about one of the owners is that he is THE Japoy Lizardo- you know, the gold medalist in Taekwando SEA GAMES, aka the Milo taekwando kid.
Nothing, just thought it was worth sharing. Mehehehe. Cool, right? I basically got star-struck or something.

sir Japoy and sir Jian congratulated me. They were so welcoming and kind! And young!!!! 

Moonleaf is such a chill place! Definitely going back there.
Thanks again, Moonleaf Don Antonio!
I ended up going home one hour past my "school night curfew" which is 7:30pm.
Haha! Since Dave and I are practically neighbors, I decided to make "sabay" sa car niya. His driver eventually came at around..8:30. HAHAHAHA!

Oh well, there's school tomorrow.
Ugh, I hate Math... just saying.

Bye guys!
The Teenage Queen

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