Moonleaf Don Antonio's Soft Opening!

December 3, 2011
Moonleaf Don Antonio Branch's soft opening!
I love how my place is near Don Antonio, and that Don Antonio's becoming a smaller version of Katipunan.
There are so many new salons, restos, groceries, hang out places, etc! :D
Anyway, as I said in this blogpost, Ralph and I promised each other to have a monthly "date" (aka quality time).
He's not my boyfriend, okay? HAHA! He's a really, really great guy buddy of mine. I just thought that I needed to clear that out. lol.

So anyway, I got to Moonleaf 30 minutes before Ralph arrived.
I waited there alone, and some man randomly walks up to me. He started to make small talk- oh noes, yall know how a loser I am when it comes to starting a conversation.
Anyway, I found out that he owned the Moonleaf Don Antonio branch! And that he was my dad's patient (my dad is a cardiologist), and our churchmate as well! Talk about small world!


Fun fact: Did you know that the very first milk tea I've had was the vanilla milk tea with pearls at the Moonleaf Maginhawa branch? I even availed of the promo that when you present your UPCAT admission slip, you get ten pesos off. I went there right after UPCAT with my super supportive, UP-college-student friends: Tiara and Gabby. KAYO NA, LOL. :| 
Moon leaf is one of the best milk tea shops EVERRRRR. I promise!
They have branches in: 
Magiting, Maginhawa, E.Abada, Katipunan, Marikina, GM Tolentino, Dapitan, St Thomas Square, Sct Esguerra, Kapitolyo, Los Banos, and the most recent one: Don Antonio.
check out their site:
Ralph ordering at the counter

Tiramisu milk tea with pearls for me! <3

The friendly staff!

Since it was the shop's "blessing" earlier, they had food catering in the room. Masyadong makapal mukha namin ni Ralph, nagawa naming maki-kain. HAHAHAHA what is patay gutom.

But then again, the owner of the shop was the one who encouraged me to eat!

The food was really great! Especially the chicken lollipop. 

A candid shot of me! 

Super nakaka tempt mag pig out, but noooo. We had to act prim and proper!! lol

Ralph writing something to post on the cork board!

Uh-oh. Guess who accidentally left a 'legendary mark', if you know what I mean. Oops.

Ralph made sure to stick his note beside Chela Luna's, our friend who was also at Moonleaf hours before we came.

Look at my note! :D

Then I came up with an awesome idea: what if we could surprise Rone, our sick friend who has the mumps, with a cup of wintermelon?

We devised a plan and went with it.

Back story behind this photo:

Ralph: Isa pong wintermelon.
Cashier: Ano po name na ilalagay?
Ralph: Uhm, Ralph.
Cashier: *writes Ralph*
Hershey: kuya wag! "Get Well Soon" nalang po!
Cashier: ah, okay okay :)


Ang benta lang. =))

There was a photobooth! teehee.

Moonleaf  is one perfect chilling spot here at Don Antonio! :) Can't wait to make happy moments happen here! ;)

Kudos to you, moonleaf!

God bless and more power!

The Moonleaf Don Antonio branch is located along, of course, Don Antonio! It's at the 2nd level of the EK building (the blue one), just below EXTREME Gym, just above Dog City, and a little bit across Zentea.

Watch out for my next blog post to find out what happened next! And how we surprised Rone! ;)