A Senior Moment: "Sir, Yes Sir!"

December 17, 2011

I had to wake up at around 6:30 am--- on a SATURDAY MORNING!

I swear, I had to force myself to get off bed.

Anyhoo, I arrived at school around 7:30.

We had our very first CAT (Citizens Army Training) that day.

What is CAT? 
Well, Citizen Army Training is a course that is part of the fourth year highschool curriculum. The students receive marks for their performance. They could either fail or pass. Oh, and mind you, we wouldn't graduate highschool  if we fail CAT! Haha! For 4 hours a week for the rest of the school year, we would undergo rigorous military training. Nakakatamad nang i-explain. Haha, just google it! :)

Anyway, the CAT started at 8 am.
I was so glad I decided to attend today's session.
Turns out that students who missed CAT sessions would STILL be asked to do 4-hour community services..like, perhaps clean the canteen, or worse- the bathroom walls.


First up, community service.

We swept roads and painted on gutters.

The girls were responsible for the roads and gutters IN school, while the boys were responsible for those OUTSIDE/ SURROUNDING the school.

The people were laughing at me, because I brought with me a "walis tambo".

I didn't know that we were supposed to bring a walis ting ting!

And I didn't know that walis tambos were for sweeping indoors, and that walis tingtings were for outdoors!

God, I felt so stupid. I blushed and hid away my embarrassment.
But I just laughed it off anyway. At least my friends and teachers were funny and supportive.
They  were joking around and laughing with me as I tried my best sweeping off leaves on the road with a walis tambo. Gosh, I totally wished I brought with me a walis tingting!

After the sweeping and the cleaning, we were asked to paint on gutters and pedestrian lanes!
I thought that it was rather therapeutic! It was so much fun! HAHA!

Thanks to Brianna for using my cam to take all these photos! 

Hala, hala. Kung makatawa naman ako, oh. =))

Eeew, what a geek. =))

I borrowed my dad's cap from St. Petersburg! I thought it was cute. Plus, bagay sa event today. Military kuno, ba. =)) HAHA WUHT.

Lol, this photo's hilarious! Jomar, what are you doing to Dustin?!

Thanks for Kim Rubina for letting me steal her photos!

After painting, we were told to proceed to the covered court.
But the teachers asked me, Dustin, Jomar, Snow, and Justin to stay and finish painting the gutters.
We took our time and relaxed. We didn't really want to go to the covered court because we didn't want to undergo military training. Nyahahaha.

But alas, after relaxing and joking and fooling around, the teachers told us to hurry up and proceed to the court.

When I got to the court, I didnt help myself but giggle.
The military officer was none other than Sir Francis, my 2nd year highschool algebra teacher.

But sadly, he was not the same funny teacher that day.
He was a monster.

HAHAHA, im serious.

He was so scary- okay fine- uh...intimidating.

He asked us to do marches and follow his commands.
We were to respond with Sir, Yes Sir's....
If we misbehaved, we were asked to do squats, or worse, push ups.

He asked us to tuck our shirts in our pants...
He asked the girls to tie their hair back into a pony tail...
We were to stand straight and sit straight...

The training was kind of cool.
I liked the idea of being called Cadet Hershey.
Then I remembered  Hillary Duff's movie "Cadet Kelly". HAHAHA, omg.

The CAT session ended at 12 pm.
And boy, were we all tired!
But we also had sooo much fun!

After that, my guy friends and I went to Trinoma to do some shopping! haha!
While at Trinoma, this march song still lingered in my head
"left..left..left right left..
kaliwa..kaliwa.. kaliwa kanan kaliwa"

HAHAHA! I cant wait for the next CAT session!


The Teenage Queen