A Bunny For My BB!


So my dad surprised me with a new phone last Saturday, Jan 21.
(Gee, thanks dad! That was so sweet of you!!) 
I was really, really shocked when he handed the phone to me. :)
He said it's some sort of a "congratulations gift". Haha, awwww :)

I wanted to "personalize" my phone even more-- by adding a touch of my girly-ness.

So I bought a bb case from Greenhills last Thursday (jan 26) with my parents who also bought their own phone cases, too. Haha!

I was able to buy mine for only 180 pesos!
It even came with a cute furry tail stand! Awwww x

The store had the "Rabito" case in different colors: pink, red, yellow, white, black, etc.
I had difficulty in choosing between hot pink or striking red.
I chose the red one instead because I thought that the pink case is too common already.

Oh, and I also bought myself a screen protector for only a hundred bucks!!

What do you think of my rabito case?:)

The Teenage Queen