January 7, 2012

Right after my second CAT meeting, I was surprised to see the news that the USTET results were out.

When I saw that I passed USTET, I teared up tears of joy and squealed like a little girl.
I jumped up and down the bed so intensely, making sure to break the cushion's springs.

I called my sister and parents immediately, and they were happy for me.
They were proud.
They made me feel proud of myself, too.

I was happy--- very happy.

I never thought that I'd ever qualify for a good university.

I honestly thought that I'd probably fail the USTET.
But, oh Lord, how You amaze me!

Lord, thank you so much for being so faithful to me! 

I am now qualified for an interview at the college of nursing.
Interviews are required to be able to be accepted into the college.
I dont have a schedule for an interview yet. But when the day comes, please pray for me, okay? :)

To read about my USTET-taking anecdote, read this .

I just want to thank God for everything.

Lord,  I am nothing without You. Thank You for Your faithfulness and kindness.

Thank you for keeping your promise that you'd never leave me. Thank you for being with me while I took the exam. Thank you for the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that you gave me.


I chose BS Nursing because I think that it would be a perfect pre-med course. I dream of becoming an OB GYNE some day and work at St.Lukes, following the footsteps of my doctor parents.


Now that USTET results had been released, I'm still waiting for two other universities' CET results: UP and Ateneo.


"Lord, let Your will be done here on Earth as it is on Heaven!" :)

A million thank you's to You, Jesus Christ!
Thank you!

I trust in You and Your good and pleasing will alone. :)