11" Yellow Satchel Bag

Upon getting home in the afternoon of January 3,  the day when school ended the 11-day Christmas vacation, I saw a big package on top of the table. I squealed with delight when I noticed that it was for me.
Well, of course it was for me. Silly me. I looked back and remembered that I purchased something online!

I was able to get an 11" Cambridge inspired yellow satchel bag for only 650 pesos.
Yes, you heard me right! 650!
I guess that's reasonable enough.
I mean, compared to other shops I see on the internet and at greenhills that sell satchels for like 900- 2000 pesos, this one's really affordable.

I bought this from Impulse Co .

The seller answered every question I asked, so I guess I could say that the service was good.
The package arrived in just 1 day after being shipped, can you believe it?

I'm really going to shop at Impulse Co again. I enjoyed the smooth transaction and the products they sell.

Don't you just love the touch of blue?

I was supposed to get the red one. But since my friend already gave me a satchel-ish red bag, I decided to opt for yellow. I picked yellow because it really stands out among the other colors- perfect for getting the spotlight among the crowd. :)

So try checking out the shop, guys!
I'm sure you're going to enjoy the service just like how I did.

Bags are looooove!

The Teenage Queen