Peace and love amid the fog and rain.

We went to Tagaytay Highlands last January 8 to attend a very special wedding- the wedding of ate Joey and Kuya Grant.

Ate Joey seems more of a cousin to me than just a "family friend". Her fam bam and my fam bam are the best fam bam pals  (lol did I make sense?).
To make things simpler, Ate Joey's dad, Tito Nitoy Casillian, and my dad were the best of friends when they were still young boys.
It's so cute to see that Tito Nitoy and Dad are still doing their best to communicate and keep in touch.

You know, our families practically grew up together.
We saw each other grow up.... we encouraged one another during trials... we went on vacations and getaways together... we sang, prayed, and laughed together.
We make it a point to have a reunion at least twice every year.

So attending this wedding was a mile stone for all of us; we were there to witness Ate Joey marry the man she loves-- the man she had been waiting for all along.

Their love story is a really touching one, and I couldnt help but say 'awwww' when they said their vows to each other.

It was such a beautiful irony, how the couple seemed very relaxed and at peace, while the cold sky outside sprinkled rain and fog.
They smiled big smiles, and teared happy tears.
Their eyes illuminated the venue; their love gave warmth throughout the place.

Truly, God makes every wedding beautiful.

Mabuhay sina Mr. and Mrs. Grant Gomez!!

My sister and I in the car going to Robinson's to have our hair done.

And I'm very proud to say that I did my own make up! My sister taught me new techniques. :)

The bride in her beautiful gown!

My sister, mom, and me

My parents

And yep, that's me wearing my prom grown. Check out my blog entry here:  JS prom

A photo with my inaanak Juan, his pretty sister Reese,  their lovely parents, Kuya Alo and ate Gaze, and my sister, Ate Yas

With Mr and Mrs Gomez! What a beautiful bride and a handsome groom!

Ate Ara is soo pretty, dont you agree?

Waiting for the couple to pass by so that we could shower them with flowers.. mehehe

Reese, 4 or 5 years old, came up to me and said, "Ninang Hershey!!! handa na! "
me: Handa na yung ano?
Reese: yung pagkain!!!! Tara akyat na tayo!

Haha, so cute.

The reception was at the veranda, just a floor above the venue of the ceremony. :D

With beautiful Reese:)

With my pretty sis:)

The food was great!! There were also music, games, and, of course, a photo booth!!

Reese and her little girlie friend conquered the photo booth stand! nyahaha! What a cutie!!

A photo with Ate Yas, Ate Ara, and the two cute kiddos.

Family picture! x

sigh :) I hope that when I grow up, I would also find my very own prince- a wise, intelligent, and handsome Man of God. :)

The Teenage Queen