A Senior Moment: Literacy Outreach Program

Last January 14, us seniors went to Caloocan City to conduct a literacy program at the Epiphany of the Lord Parish.
Photos courtesy of Miss Leigh Fuentes. Thank you for letting me steal your photos! :)

To be honest, I wasn't really excited about this event at first.
The weather was humid, the venue was small, the smell of the God-knows-what reeked, the people were too many, and I had this miserable case of dysmenorrhea.
I was too tired, too drained, too lazy. 

When I entered the court, I had a pokerface on. And mind you, I wasn't the only one. I noticed that many of the people beside me felt the same way, too. 

But upon sticking my "Ate Hershey" name tag onto my shirt & seeing the little children around me excited, happy and smiling, despite every hardship they have been going through, I had a change of heart.
I felt that it was wrong to have them smiling at us, but the only expression marked on our faces were frowns. 
I was even more compelled to help out when I saw a kind hunchback carrying her baby around. I was inspired. I was touched. I was driven. I almost cried.

I then told some of my friends, "Guys, alam kong malaking sacrifice ito on our part. Alam kong mainit at masikip, pero isipin nalang natin na everyday, ganito ang environment na hinaharap nila. Napaka excited silang makita tayo ngayon. Sacrifice nalang tayo. Tiisin natin eto, para lang sakanila at kay God. Maging happy tayo, kasi happy din sila. Gawin natin lahat para i-bless natin sila."

Everyone agreed to cooperate and spread the love. :) The program started and ended great.

I noticed that my fellow seniors, like me, were also driven by the kind people.
They also had a change of heart.
Everyone worked together, and everything went smoothly.
Everyone was happy- both us and the kids.
The first part of the program was the story-telling time!! :D

Drawing and coloring time!!

Game time!

I was part of the games committee (who I love so much! woohoo i love you teamates), so imagine the stress we all went under when we had no clue what game to conduct with THIS MANY PEOPLE.

We finally decided to have a dancing/singing contest instead.
The kids enjoyed!! :) The winners got to receive a hundred bucks each (yung bagong design pa na peso bill, ha!)


Our very own Art Barredo teaching the kids how to dougie!

Look at how stressed we all were when the mic/sound system broke down! haha!

These three ladies were our sponsors. They had much of a great time watching us from above as well.
They laughed and smiled with us. When the program ended, my school principal introduced me to them.
They told me to tell my batchmates how thankful and impressed they all were.

*oh and the lady in the center asked me, "Be honest ha. Requirement ba ng school niyo na dapat maganda o gwapo kayo? Ba't majority ng batch niyo, napaka-good looking?"

HAHAHA OH MY GOSH. That really made me laugh!


Now the next photos were taken by me!

This is the wonderful group that we handled. 
Our team leader was Rone (shown in the photo), who did such a great job dealing with kids.
I admire him for being so patient, kind, and warm to them.
A secret between you and me, those two girls shown under actually has a crush on Rone haha kaya imagine how kilig they were when this photo was taken!

Our kids were so behaved!! I love them! :)

I felt so guilty because I didn't get to help my group that much.
My dysmenorrhea was killing me. I also felt a little bit dizzy.
Miya, my groupmate, even told me to go to the "stage"/balcony area to rest.
Being  a female, she understood the pain I was having.

When I reluctantly went to the balcony to rest, I kept on praying.
I said "God, I rebuke this pain that is preventing me to help out. I pray that you will drive this out of me, so that I may be a blessing to others. In Jesus' name, Amen."

True enough, God answered my prayers. My discomfort was gone as soon as game time started!
The games were a success, and everyone, including me, had such a blast!!
Thank you Lord for you answer prayers!
And thank you Lord for such concerning and loving groupmates!

They held the sticks of crayons as if they were pieces of treasure.
The pencils seemed like diamonds to them.

I was so touched by how simple their wants and needs were.

But look at us, we take advantage of our able lifestyles! We simply waste, lose, and fool around with our pencils and crayons. But these kids, they only get to use those on special occasions. Instead of piling our art materials in one corner of the house and just let them  be a waste and accumulate dust, let's just give them to the children who need it most.

The program lasted from 11 til 3:45.

While the loot bags were handed out to the children by the souvenirs committee,  Rone, Dustin and me chilled at the beautiful chapel upstairs to make "pahangin". HAHAHA.

After the program, we were treated by our principal at Mcdo for a job well done. :) yay!


Even though we all were VERY tired, we all seemed really happy and contented.
God used us as instruments to be a blessing to others, and we wouldn't want to be used any other way. :)

The Teenage Queen