Victory after the fall.

January 18, 2012.

It was 30 minutes 'til dismissal time, and I can't help but admit that I had such a boring time during my last subject. I asked the teacher if I could go to the restroom (so, you know, i could chill or relax for 3 minutes or something).

When I got inside the cubicle, I had this unusual urge to check my phone. I know it was sort of "illegal" to do this, but I just had to. Something inside me was really trying to tell me to check my phone.

And so I did. I opened my phone and saw that my parents' secretary texted me.
It said, "Congrats Hershey, nakapasa ka sa UPCAT."
The first thing that went through my mind was, "say whaaaaaat?"
I thought that she just made a mistake, and that what she meant to say was that I passed USTET (check out my blog post here: USTET). As far as I knew, UPCAT results would be released during the last week of February. And besides, matagal na akong nag-give up on UPCAT. Hindi na ako umasa doon.

Then I noticed that I had a missed call.
It came from my dad.

I called my father to check on what was happening.

When he asnwered the phone, he said "anak.. I have good news."
Then I replied, "Is it about the upcat?"
Then he said, "How did you know?"
I said "Your secretary texted me....."
And he said "Wait...wait....."
Then he shouted , "Arlene!! BAKIT MO SIYA TINEXT? ako dapat magsasabi sakanya! "
 <i have to admit, this part was funny HAHAHAHAHAHA>

When he got back on the line, I demanded that he tell me how they found out about the results.
He said that a pastor friend of ours had a churchmate whose job was to upload the names on the upcat site.
Our friend wanted to know ahead if I passed, so he asked him.
As soon at pastor found out, he texted dad.

But dad specifically warned me this: Do not ever set your hopes up high. The results may not be final just yet.

At the back of my mind, I was a bit frustrated. I mean, why would you even tell me something like that if you knew that it wasnt final? Ano? Sinabi mo lang kasi trip mo? Ang labo dun eh no? =))

For one tenth of a second, I actually had my hopes up high.

When I got back to the classroom, I whispered to my girlfriends, Belly, Bria, Angeline and Aubrey, about what had happened. I told them that it would really hurt me a lot if ever I dont see my name posted on the results board.
I begged them to help me stop getting my hopes up.
I didn't want to hurt myself.

Belly and Bria even made a joke about the situation, just to keep my mind out of the matter.
They said..
"Baka nung tinanong yung committee kung nandiyan ba si 'Hershey', baka akala nila.. Hershey's kisses.. Eh malay mo, may hershey's sila sa lamesa.. kaya sasabihin nila 'Oo, nandito ang Hershey's'.

Tapos kapag tinanong niyo, nakapasok ba si Hershey? Sasabihin nila, 'oo, nakapasok' kasi sa totoo lang, nakapasok naman talaga iyon sa bibig nila.

Kapag tinanong nila naman na 'nakapasa ba si Hershey?' sasabihin nila 'oo', kasi nakapasa yung Hershey's sa lasa nila."

=)) Ang kulit lang.UGH MY FRIENDS. They are so corny pero grabe I LOVE THEM. HAHAHAHA.

Dismissal time.
While we were all chilling outside the office, Aubrey's friend suddenly texted her , "Dude, I passed UP!"
We were all confused. We thought that the UPCAT results would be released on February......
Aubrey replied and said "How did you find out?? Diba Feb pa yun?"
Her friend replied, "The UPCAT results are out!!"
After congratulating her, Aubrey asked  if she could look for our names: Hershey Neri, Angeline Mora and Ysabela De Guzman.

Her friend replied within 3-4 minutes, but it seemed like forever.
Her friend's first text was this: "I saw Hershey in the list". Upon reading that, we all literally jumped for joy.
And then I stopped jumping, and said , "Maybe I didn't get into the course I wanted."
But then, she texted again and said "She passed BS Nursing in UP Manila".

Dani, Bria, Angeline, Belly, Aubrey and I literally shouted all over the place! (in front of the CCTV cameras pa! haha)
I cried. I've never been so happy in my life!
Dani hugged me and shouted, "In your face, ACET!" (I failed the ACET, if you didnt know yet)
She also gave me the other half of her two-piece banana Q on stick. Haha!

I am so thankful for supportive friends like them.

Aubrey's friend texted again and said, "I also saw Ysabela (civil Eng in UP LB) and Angeline(Family Life in UP DIiliman) in the list."

We completely went crazy. We hugged. Screamed, and screamed some more.
People were staring at us!! They seemed...bothered. HAHA BUT WE DIDNT CARE! We were just soooooo happy!

We were acting like complete cavemen when our vice principal got out of the office and said, "Ladies, what is this noise all about?!"
She was mad. When we shouted in our high-pitched voices that we passed UP, her frown suddenly changed  into a smile.


I went to the fish-ball and kwek-kwek place near my school. I called my dad and we talked. We were both really happy. I was literally jumping across the streets and yelling out yipee's and hooray's. The vendors were staring at me, maybe even giggling.

After a while, my friends, Angeline, Rone, and Bria, came too. Rone treated us all kwek-kwek. The vendor then told us, "Congrats nga pala ha. Sabi ko na nga bang tumatalino yung mga customer kong bumibili sakin ng kwek kwek."
We walked all the way to Moonleaf. Bria, Rone, Angeline and I celebrated there.
I bought a cupcake, and Rone treated me milk tea!
Then I went to Angeline's place and we bonded til 10:30pm--- on a school day--- all because my driver fetched me late. Haha!
When I got home, my whole family was smiling right at me. We all celebrated, talked, hugged, and rejoiced.
I've never ever experienced this kind of happiness in my life ( Up til now, I'm still  floating on cloud 9).
My parents texted their friends, thanking them for praying for me.
My sister even tweeted and shared the great news to her friends!
My family gathered in front of me, all huddled up, to listen to my story.
I told them about how we all cheered, cried, jumped, and hugged. 
They were happy for both me and my girlfriends.
And I'd like to thank all my friends for being sooo supportive and sweet! Thank you for all your sweet messages. And most importantly, thank you for praying for me!!
You guys are the best!


Right now, I just want to thank God for being sooo amazing. I wouldn't have passed UPCAT if it weren't for Him. I also would like to thank my parents' friends, my ninongs, titas, titos, and friends who prayed for me.
Prayers really, really work. God said that if you have faith even as small as a mustard seed, you would be able to move mountains!

I've been depressed the past few days. First, I was sad because I failed the ACET. I hated the feeling of getting rejected.
Second, I hated myself because I didn't get to do my best on my very last elocution contest--- stage fright overpowered me.
I was really down in the dumps that week. I felt stupid. I felt worthless. I wanted a time machine to undo every mistake.

But now, I cling on to God's Word saying, "I have plans for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future."

I like to think of the situation as God's way of making me happier than ever. Kumbaga parang pinaiyak muna niya ako bago ako magsaya ng sobra, para lang mas ma-lasahan ko ang tamis ng tagumpay. HALA ANO DAW. =))

After the rain comes a rainbow.
After every pain comes joy.
After every fall comes victory.