An announcement, five minutes of blindness, and a prom proposal.

February 3, 2011

9:30 am.

Second period just ended, and right after writing down some important schedules that Teacher Allen told me to take note on,  I went up to the center of the classroom to announce some reminders for the upcoming creative shoot (which will be held on Monday, ehem seniors).

While I was announcing, someone, in a slightly maniacal manner, blindfolded me with a white hanky.
I, thinking it was some sort of a prank, pushed the guy away- but he was too big, too heavy for a petite girl like me.
I got irritated  because I thought it was rude to just suddenly interrupt someone, in the middle of an announcement, by publicly covering her eyes, as if to mock her.

After much struggle of jerking myself away from the 6-feet-tall guy -whose name I , 10 seconds later, found out was Dave (ehem)- I finally gave up.

And then we just stood there.

A minute passed by, and I already sensed that something was fishy.
Geonah , who was sitting in front of me, was stalling.
She complimented my nails (how random!) and asked me stuff about the yearbook advertisement pages.
In all fairness, she kept me distracted.
I answered each of her questions, and emphasized that the yearbook sponsorship page will be used for the creative shots.

2 minutes went by...
and then 3 minutes...

Time was running, but I just stood there, paralyzed with excitement (of what's in store for me), with anxiety (of what it might be), and by Dave's hand that's basically THIS close to squishing my face (He was covering my eyes. For some reason, he thought that the blindfold just wasn't enough).

Teacher Minerva, my third period teacher (subject: Filipino), came in the classroom.
She commanded everyone to go back to his proper place.
 I tried to obey. I wanted to go to my desk, but Dave kept pulling me closer to him, and Geonah kept on asking questions.

I heard noise, laughter, giggles, whispers, and finally, silence.

Dave started walking me towards the center of the classroom.
Then Teacher Minerva started yelling at me. "Ano ba yan Hershey! Sabi ko umupo ka na diba?"
And I defensively replied, "Teacher si Dave po kasi ayaw ako pakawalan!"
My classmates, Aubrey and Bea, started complaining. "Ano ba yan, Hershey!"
And then a chorus of angry voices followed.
I was shocked.
Why were people mad at me?!

When I was finally seated down on a chair, I heard music- beautiful music. Ahh. Classical guitar. You know, with the plucking of strings and all. The music was so romantic.
Dave finally let go of his grip.
It took my eyes 8 seconds to adjust from darkness to brightness.
The classroom was bright and abnormally silent. The silence part made me really suspicious.

And then, right before me stood  handsome boys- Dustin (holding the guitar),  Alec (holding the sign WILL), Jomar (holding the sign YOU), Jansen (holding the sign BE), Cocoy (holding the sign MY), Justin (holding the sign PROM).

Alec walked to me first, and gave me a bouquet of roses.
Jomar walked to me next and gave me a chocolate fudgee bar (which has been my most favorite snack when I was a freshman).
Jansen went next and said "Sorry wala akong mabibigay eh". That made me laugh--- a lot.
Cocoy came in next and gave me a pack of Yupi gummy burgers (ackh my ultimate childhood favorite!)
Then Justin came in last and gave me a white fudgee bar.

After every boy has left, there stood Rone in the middle, holding a big, big plate of cheesecake that was removed from the box.

He was smiling a big smile.

I was too overwhelmed that I was actually tearing up when he was walking up to me.
Then, he kneeled in front of me and held out a sign that says "DRESS?"

The whole class laughed out loud.

All eyes were on the two of us.

Everyone was waiting for an answer.

Teacher Minerva yelled "Bakit ba lagi nalang kayo nag propropose tuwing subject ko?" (FYI, already six students proposed during her subject HAHAHA)

Rone was still there, waiting patiently- just like how he has been waiting for me for almost 4 years now.

I gave him an answer,  and his eyes began to brighten up.

Up and down, he jumped, yelling "Yehey may prom dress na ako!"

And everyone else joined in the laughter.

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Forgive my haggard face! This was taken right after classes were dismissed!