It's a "Rest Day- Sunday" !

As a graduating student, I can say that February is indeed a month of STRESS.
Five activities ALL HAPPENED during the past week( Monday: Creative shoot, Tuesday: Olympics eliminations + finalization of creative shoot shots, Wednesday: Talk about Globalization with some foreign speakers, Thursday: Dodgeball+Girls' basketball game + Boys' basketball game, Friday: Student-teaching activity).
*I'm going to blog about the activities soon, don't worry!


Thankfully, Sunday is rest day for me.
So I decided to wear a super duper comfy outfit!

Gray hoodie: Big Tent Bazaar (Buy 1 Take 1 Korean store)
Black pants: BEBE
Suede boots: Zara
Yellow satchel: Impulse Co
Rings and earrings: bazaar

The photos were taken at church that day:)
I wore hoodies since I wanted something comfortable + it was raining + the airconditioning system in the building was crazyyyy!

I wore less make up that day, too (since it was my "rest day-Sunday").
Just put on MAC foundation, a little bit of MAC eyeshadow (Charcoal brown), a little blush, and my trusty NYX nude lipstick.
It isn't seen in the photo, since I just used my phone to take photos. But, yeah. 

Oh, and look!
My sister and I coincidentally matched outfits that day! She was also wearing a satchel! :)) She's starting an online shop of  her own called "Bagella", where she sells bags. :)

After church, we went to Bulacan for a party to attend to. While gobbling up a plate of "balat ng lechon", I realized that it's my JS prom in 12 days!
So diet starts on Monday.
Hopefully, I'll be able to look my best on my senior prom:)

So that was pretty much my Sunday!
I'm glad that we didn't get to do a lot that day!
I needed a break from engaging in activities, lol.

The Teenage Queen