My Last Post as A 15-Year Old

Hi. I'm Hershey and I'm turning 16 in 30 minutes.

Today was awesome because
1) school was fun
2) I ate kwek kwek with my friends
3) I tagged along with my friends to Laybare. I was supposed to have my underarms waxed but my pit hair was still too short, so I need to have it done on Saturday instead.
4) I got my prom gown from Toby Albrando today, and I think it's fabulous!
5) My driver and I had a "date" (lol omg joke) to Galleria to look for the perfect prom shoes, while my mom, being a supportive mom, was at Crowne Plaza to listen to dad's lecture and presentation. But huhu, the hunt was a failure. But it's okay, I had a lot of fun LOLing with Kuya JR! =))
6) I won a giveaway today!!woohoo!!
7) I opened a junior bank account in Security Bank. LOL, yes, junior bank account. Heehee. Thanks, Kuya James!
8) my sister and I talked about business stuff for our online shops

Hi, I'm Hershey and I haven't eaten dinner yet.
It's 11:25 pm, and I'm still waiting for my parents to come home to bring me Mcdo, since there's no food here in the house.

Hi, I'm Hershey and I'm hungry.

Oh, wow.

The car just honked. That must be my parents.
Oh wait, I'll go check the window now.

Oh goodie! They ARE my parents!

Bye, guys! I'm off to eat my delicious burger now.

Happy birthday to me!