A Senior Moment: Creative Shoot

During the December break, I spent long afternoons coming up with a formal proposal to give to the school.
It included WHATs, WHYs, HOWs, drawings, sample photos, etc.

I gave up all my heart in doing this,  because I really wanted to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

A lot of people told me that the chance that the office will approve of my proposal is highly unlikely, but I still did it anyway.
I didn't want to grow old, look back and regret that I didn't give it a try.

And, with God's grace, the office gladly approved of it.
The Principal, Vice Principal, and the School Director talked and planned it all out with me during class hours.

It was all about the yearbook Creative Shoot :)

Our school never thought of coming up with one, so I decided to start it.
It will be fun because it will give the students a chance to express themselves.

I believe that the high school yearbook photos are important, not only because it makes reading the yearbook exciting and enjoyable, but because it would also help our batch mates conjure up memories of us. Creative shots will depend on how we want to be REMEMBERED.  It will give the readers a lasting impression of WHO WE REALLY WERE during our highschool years. 

So I got my childhood friend and playmate, JUNESSA RENDON, to be the official photographer of this event.

The shoot was really successful! It lasted from 8 am (right after the flag ceremony when someone asked a girl out for prom over the mic haha) until 1pm.
We just put on make-up and costumes, laughed together and chilled.

I was out of the classroom most of the time, since I was with Junessa while she was taking shots (alalay este moral support kumbaga).

Thank God for that beautiful day! The shooot went  sooo successful! I'm just really really proud of my batchmates! I love you senio12s!!!

*these photos were stolen from Brianna Cardenas. Hehe. We took epal shots in between the shoot. Kumbaga behind-the-scene? Haha! I shall post the real shots next time:>

Enjoy the photos, people! :)

Bria, me, teacher alen, teacher ai, and dani:)

I love this candid shot of me!

The break dancer, the drag racer, the pilot, the guitarist, the drummer, and the boy in the uniform =))

Baba looking cute in her ballet costume!! and her nephew was sooo adorable!! x

Bria was "testing the lights" in this photo.
The photo went great tho!!
I like this shot.. kaso nga lang ang awkward ng arms ko. HAHAHA -__-
I went as "Rosie the Riveter"- a symbol of women empowerment :)

Bria's soo fierce!!


With Junessa ...who's really tired =))


Aubrey and Bria playing around with the balloons that were used during the prom proposal earlier that day.

Dani Barretto went as Rachel Zoe:)

Ze awesome photographer!

I did my own make up! And it was my first time to use super red lipstick. HAHA!
Oh, and super thanks to Dani for fixing my hair! :)

Can't wait to see the final and edited shots of the shoot!!! <3

The Teenage Queen