A Senior Moment: Entrepreneurial Activity!

February 21, 2012

Last Tuesday, us seniors had an entrepreneurial activity wherein we were free to sell whatever we wanted to for the day (9:30 am- 1:45 pm)!

This was for our Economics subject.

I felt blessed to be with such fun and hilarious groupmates : Alec, Jomar, Justin, Bea, Shine, Jagdip, Gab and Raffy!

We set up a booth named "Hungry Birds" where we sold kwek kwek, wicked oreos (see my recipe here: Wicked Oreos Recipe), root beer float, cheese sticks, ice candy, etc! :)

Our booth was a success. Our items were all sold out, and the wicked oreos and kwek kwek became such hits! :)

Every group had their own name and concept! It was so fun selling to the gradeschool, highschool, aids and teachers! It was really fulfilling at the end of the day, when we got to keep the money we earned . :) Hehe.


Photos grabbed from Bria Cardenas

This is my "teka-lang-nasestress-ako-magkwenta-ng-pera" face

Lasagna from Bria's group! Yumm!

And because they were bored and had nothing to do. =))

The cupcakes sold by Boodie's group, "Bits and Bites"

Bits and Bites + Hungry Birds =))

Raha "modeling" the cupcakes. OH MY GOD =))))))

Tim holding "Happy Tummy's" signage!


These were stolen from Merric Enriquez! Thanks, Mer!

See those burnt oreos on the plate? I made those. =)))
this is a photo of teacher Mine teaching me the "right" way to deep fry! Haha!

 Busy inside the kitchen! :)

"Free Hugs. 5 pesos only." 

Shakespeare had a good marketing strategy: they gave a free kiss on the cheek for every purchase done. =)) HAHAHA!


That day was really fun.......and tiring!
I remember sleeping on the floor right after we closed our booths!
Good thing that the teacher just gave us a free period the rest of the day!
We were THAT tired! Haha!


We were able to earn 4k plus! Not bad, grpmates!


Love you Senio12s!!

Thank you Lord for this wonderful experience!

The Teenage Queen