Batch Outing: Random Snapshots by Kim!

Random snap shots by KIM RUBINA! :)

SENIO12S! (with pastor Palaganas)


Dani and Tim at the gasoline station!

The 4B girls + teachers lani and aileen!

While at the boat =))

Klyde being a gentleman ang carrying my bag for me!

Parang paparazzi lang ang peg!!


@ Caliraya!!


Raha carrying ALL. OF. BABA'S. BELONGINGS. =))))




The beautiful sunset!

and the beautiful rainbow!

Lighting up the wishing lantern!!!



the next morning!

Aubrey: Gusto mo makita baby ko?
Hersh: uh, ok?
aubrey: tada!!!!!!!
*sings a carebare song*
........................ uhm ok aubrey

The amazing race!


Baba and I are try-hard ninjas =))

Surfing ninjas!

Drunk ninjas!!

Golfer ninjas!!
Super gay ninjas! 
If baba were to have a thought bubble, it would say "kinahihiya kita, hershey" 

Group 6 jump shot!!


Bye bye, Caliraya! :(



Thanks for letting me steal your photos, Kim!