Featured: SPOONFUL OF SUGAR// Best Parents in the World cupcakes!!

So I realized how blessed I am to be given such loving, understanding, patient and caring parents.
I love them to bits and pieces, and I can never ever imagine life without them.

I could never stay mad at them.
They are everything to me.
They are my inspiration and motivation in everything.
They are a gift from Above.

Last week, my parents and I had a fight.
But in the end, we were able to talk and make some compromises.
I admire them for being so understanding and patient with me.

Even after everything, they did all they could to back me up :)

Mom and dad, thanks for being the supportive parents that you both are during my prom and birthday!
(I shall blog about my birthday and prom, soon! haha)

So I wanted to show them how much I love and appreciate them.
I contacted Miss Patti Dizon of Spoonful of Sugar.
[She runs this business, and bakes cupcakes fresh everyday using only the finest ingredients!]

She was soooo sweet, patient and helpful--- not to mention really pretty haha!
I really enjoyed my hassle-free transaction with her :)

I told her a week before to customize cupcakes.
I wanted 4 cupcakes 
one with dad's face on it
one with mom's
one that says "best parents"
and one that says "in the world"

She did a great job! The cupcakes were cute and VERY YUMMY!
Feb 27, 2012

I picked up the order from Moonleaf Don Antonio at 8pm.
I only paid 295 pesos! Not bad, huh?

My parents were super delighted when, during dinner, I presented this to them (may matching "cover your eyes" drama pa ako ha)!

I ordered
1 lemon cupcake (dad's face) 
1 carrot cupcake (mom's face)
1 nutella cupcake (best parents)
1 red velveteen (in the world)

My parents enjoyed the carrot and the lemon most :)
I loved the carrot and the red velveteen (siyempre naki-taste din ako ng paunti-onti haha)

My order waiting for me at Moonleaf Don Antonio


[forgive me for the low quality of the images! I only used my phone to take photos!]

Thank you so much Spoonful of Sugar for making this possible!


I'm looking forward to more smooth transactions with you! :)

Facebook page: Spoonful of Sugar
Twitter page: @spoonfulofsugah
Spoonful of Sugar has branches in Moonleaf Don Antonio and Moonleaf Sgt Esguerra:)

Darn! Now I'm craving for some cupcake!! Haha!!

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