Graduation Day: All the fuss before the ceremony started!

March 22, 2012

Our call time was 3:45pm.
Guess what? Everyone came in late because it was raining. It also didn't help that there were road constructions in the area, so it was pretty traffic.

Our family walked down from the car and into the venue with an umbrella in hand.
Everyone else did so, too.

When we got into the venue,  my stockings got a little wet, but thank goodness it dried up before the march.
Also, it comforted me to know that my stockings werent the only one dotted from the splashing of water outside! HAHAHA! Other girls got wet, too!

Here are some of the photos that were taken before the ceremony!

                                  Aubrey, Bria, me and Belly!

With the boys!
(L-R) Raha, Jomar, Renzo, Alec, Rone, me, Klyde, Dustin, Justin and Cocoy

Hi, rone! :)

With my adviser, Teacher Lani!

With RJ and Ally :)

With Edward :) 

Hi, Kim!

Grabbed the next 2 photos from Raha!

HAHAHA LOL at Jomar's "shocked face" and at Ralph's "STOP!!!" face.



The program started a little late, since there were plenty of late-comers.

Stay tuned to my next blog post to have a recap of the ceremony! :)

The Teenage Queen