Graduation Day : An outfit post

Hair and make up by Bambbi Fuentes
Miss July never fails to make me feel like a princess whenever she prettifies me!
I'm such a loyal customer of Bambbi Fuentes. HAHA! 
Miss July was also the one who did my make up on both my proms last year and this year.

What they did to my hair:

they curled it using heat iron, but they didn't put hairpray or anything.
The peg is to have looong, big and wavy curls :D
Meaning that these curls won't stay that way by 4pm. Since my hair is super heavy and thick, bibigay rin daw ito at ma-aachieve ung peg namin na long and wavy. :)

Me and Miss July! I love her so much <3

Fun fact: I bought my shoes and dress on the day before the grad itself.

I supposedly had my dress made at Marien. But since the fitting and design was all wrong, mom and I complained. We decided to ask for a refund 2 nights before the grad. Thank God the people in Marien were nice and understanding. They apologized right away and returned our money. 

Mom and I found this dress at Bellabianca, Trinoma (3rd floor, beside CMG and XOXO). We were attracted to the store's colorful ready-made-gowns and nice interior. The chandeliers, mirrors and lights gave the store a very classy feel. We had second thoughts on buying this dress, so we decided to think about it for a while.We searched Zara, Landmark, The Ramp, etc., but unfortunately, we couldn't find a nice dress. The mall was already closed, so we decided to go back for it tomorrow.

The next day, Mom went to Trinoma exactly 10am. She was THIS close to buying it when she noticed that the dress had defects. She asked the saleslady if they had another stock. The lady said that the dress only had 2 stocks, one for the Trinoma branch and one for the Mall of Asia branch. Mom contacted the store and had the dress reserved.

Right after school, mom and I headed to Mall of Asia.
We searched for the store named Sallabianca (what is it with the name Bianca?haha).
It was located at the second floor. 
The dress we reserved  was waiting for us at the table. It was still brand new and inside a plastic, meaning it just came in.

The dress was perfect.
We bought it for 3,500 pesos.
I think it's worth it, because the dress is unique.
It's girly, detailed and fresh-looking, just the way I want it.
The cloth used is really delicate, too.
Plus, I won't be seeing much girls wearing the very same dress since they only have 2 stocks per dress. 

I recommend you girls try going to either Bellabianca or Sallabianca.  The dresses are really nice. The stores' interiors are great, and the prices of the dresses are just right. :) I fell in love with those two stores! haha!

I honestly enjoyed spending quality time with my mom that day.
We also shopped for her dress. We found the perfect one at Apple & Eve. :)

These shots were taken at Yakimix during our post-grad celebration with my family :).

Dress: Sallabianca
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Bags and accessories were borrowed from my mom

I loved my hair! Thanks, Bambbi Fuentes Salon!

Thanks to Mr. Gacad for this shot!
Haha! This is me wearing the dress with my 3 best guy friends :D

The Teenage Queen