Graduation Day: A recap of the ceremony

*Some photos were grabbed from Raha Gacad, Brianna Cardenas, Danielle Palaganas and Kim Rubina :)
**Thanks to Daddy for taking the pictures from my cam!

March 22, 2012
Where: PSSC Auditorium
What: My highschool graduation <3

It was a day of mixed emotions. Everyone was excited to venture into the new world of college, but at the same time, everyone was also not ready to let go of this place we called home.

Iba talaga ang bond na na-foform kapag small school. We're only less than 80 people in a batch, and the number is probably the reason why everyone knows each other well. Our batch was unlike any other batch. Our batch was actually a family. It didn't really matter whether you belonged in section A or section B. Everyone loved each other very much.

Marching time! :)
This is Ally Publico marching. Don't you love her dress? I find her outfit very classy!

This is us waiting for everyone else to finish marching. HAHA WHAT'S UP WITH THE FACES, GUYS? =))


And the program started out with a prayer lead by Geonah Corneby, a doxology lead by selected students and welcoming remarks by Sabrina Espiritu!




After the wonderful speech by Pastor Palaganas was the giving of diplomas.

Lava, Ysabela/ Libardo, Aubrey/ Manosa,Shine/Martinez,Ralph/Mora,Angeline/Morales,Jansen/Nalupa,Lorraine/Neri,Hershey

"Nakaraos rin ng highschool!!" woohoo!

This video was taken by my sister.
HAHA! At the first part, I was fooling around with my teacher. She promised that she'd cheer for me when I go up the stage.
I remember vowing to myself that I wouldnt cry ala MMK on stage.
But lo and behold! I started crying like a baby the moment our principal, Teacher Mavis, gave me the medal of loyalty (I had been studying in TSMS since I was in kindergarten). 
She also whispered something very heart-warming to me, which triggered the falling of my tears even more.
I'll just keep her words to myself.
All I wanna say is that I love Teacher Mavis, Teacher Lily and THE SEED MONTESSORI SCHOOL so much.

**HAHA omg, looking back at this video, let me just say that I looked REALLY FUNNY.

This is me trying to smile! HAHA!

Lord, thank you for your amazing blessings!
You never fail to overwhelm me with sooo much joy!
Your support and provision to me is so abundant, I just couldnt help but give thanks!


Teacher Lily, Mom, Me, Dad and Teacher Mavis

This is me reciting Psalm 91!
For the first time in my life, I didn't get stage fright.
All i wanted to do was glorify the Lord. I knew I didn't have to please anyone else in the auditorium. It was just bout me and Him.
For the first time ever, I didn't see faces watching me.
Everything and everyone was literally blank to me. All I saw was God watching me.

It was an amazing feeling, you know. 
the feeling when you gave your best to Him, and only for Him. :)

God, thank you po talaga sa lahat!


the passing of the plant, globe, painting, book and bible of the seniors to the juniors


The alumni pledge led by Jof Colis :)

Singing the Seed song for the very last time. :') I will forever love my alma mater!


We gave out roses and letters pasted on our DIY handmade recycled papers to our parents.
Everyone started tearing up. It was a beautiful moment. 
It didnt help that the background music was so..... ala mmk. =))

See my swollen eyes?
<my sister, mom and me>

with dad!

After the giving away of letters, we listened to Angeline Mora and Rays Rana for their farewell speeches.



Then we watched the 19-minute video that Boodie and I made.
*I'll just post the last 5 mintues of the video, because the file is too big.

After watching the video, we presented our last song number as a batch. 
Our farewell song was entitled "Like an Eagle"
*choreographed by me, Kit, Bea, Kimmy and EJ :)




Everyone started tearing up :( 



Group photo :)



After the grad ceremony ended, everyone still stayed at the venue to give out farewell letters and take photos!
to everyone who gave me letters, thank you!
You all made me smile. >:D< I love you guys!

The girls of my life!


With pastor Palaganas! 



With the very famous Guard Elmer!


It was so cute seeing our older batch watching us as if they were our very own kuyas and ates :)
Thanks for the support, guys!! mwah!

*woohoo go UP! ;)

With my best guy friend, raha :)

Boys will be boys!


I will never say good bye to you all!!
See you soon is the most proper term! :)

We will forever be the most legendary batch ever!!!


The Teenage Queen