Magnifique `12 (JS PROM): Before the real party started!

Venue: Edsa Shangri-La (Garden Ballroom)

February 25, 2012

Mom, yaya and I arrived at the Shangri-La at around 5:30 pm.
Just in time, my friends arrived, too!

We got our two card keys and headed straight to rooms 522 and 521.
Room 521 belonged to me and my parents, while room 522 belonged to my friends.
We had our two rooms connected. :)
Before heading to the Garden ballroom, Belly's mother took LOTS and LOTS of photos of us.
Haha, aww tita was so cute!!
Here are some of the photos she took:

Ralph & Rone, looking handsome in their suits, holding their corsages. :)

Tita: "Oh, kunyari surprised kayo!"

Belly and I holding our boutonnieres! 

It's time for the exchange!!

Ralph putting on Belly's corsage.

Rone putting on mine's. 

Si Tita yung totoong kumabit ng boutonnieres namin, at yung ninong naman ni Belly yung kumabit nung corsages. HAHA!

Here is evidence:

Belly being made up by tita!

Me and Belly!

The ticket designed by Miss Kitkat Lastimosa!

Our prom was circus-inspired. :)

Me and my pretty momma!

Me and my Yaya of 16 years :)

Heading to the ballroom!! :)


Look who we came across to at the lobby! Hi, Bria!

The prom officially started.
Each couple/ person had to participate in "The Walk", wherein they would be judged according to their confidence, grace, and attire. 

We all walked to our own tables :) The music was really upbeat, so I  really had a good time going to Table number 2 with my date! 


Let's go, Table 2!!
I was sooo happy that my bestfriends were my tablemates for the night! :)

Bria and her date, Cyrus!

Belly and Ralph!

Baba and Raha!

*photo stolen from Ysabel Vitangcol


It's buffet time!! 

Boodie, Pauleen and Geonah!! Such pretty girls! x

*grabbed from Bria
"Are you sure we`re using the right utensils?" 

Me and my best friend of 6 years, Angeline :)

I love Dani's look!

Teacher Aileen and Jomar--in heels!

Oh my gosh, Jomar =))

Alyssa in Jomar's shoes! :)

Rone and I having a great time together! Nyahaha!

Oh, and Rone and I sort of........ ruined the program.
You see, while Bea, Bria and Sab were doing their intermission numbers, Rone asked me for a dance.
So we headed to the dance floor and minded our own business.
Then after like 3 or 4 minutes, couples joined in! 
And then the whole assembly started slow dancing, too!

And then the program flow got ruined.

But it was fine! Everyone enjoyed the slow dancing part:)

Then we watched the Batch History :)
We all laughed when pictures of our nene and totoy days flashed at the screen.
I really got sad at the end of the video, because I realized that in a month, I'll be leaving Seed.
I've been a Seedling ever since I was 4 or 5 years old, can you imagine?

Seed has been home to me. :(


The "real" party hasn't even started yet!!

Stay tuned to my next blog post!!

The Teenage Queen