Magnifique `12 (JS PROM): It's party time!

Random party photos stolen from Brianna Cardenas, Ysabel Vitangcol, Reinhardth Cristobal and Snow Florendo!

We partied 'til the clock struck 12!!

The awardees starting the party with their "frst dance".


Lol what's up with my face? and finger? HAHA

My and my pretty baby, Dani! :)

Aww, I love this shot, baby!! 

Sir Kristoffer asked me for a dance. Awww:)

Me and my girlfriends being the silly selves that they we all are!

The waiters.  HAHAHAHA JK..

So the guys promised themselves that they're going to dance with every single girl in 4th year, since this is gonna be our last prom ever:)

So this is me dancing with Dustin! :) awww!

Artuto dancing in a formal event--- like a boss.

Decided to join the bandwagon of girls dancing barefeet! HAHA!

Woot woot! Woot woot! *the train*

HAHA So this is how Raha and I danced! lol. Love you, braah!

The handsome prom king (Tim) and the beautiful prom queen (Alecx)!

Angeline and Dave!

My shoes on top of the souvenir floating lantern! HAHA! 

Going barefeet!

The boys dominated the stage! 

Cool lights!!

Me and my date! :)

Alyssa and I switched partners! Haha!

The partying was the highlight of my prom!
It was super duper fun!
Everyone went wild!
Cameras flashed here and there, lights blinked different colors, and people shouted, went barefeet, sang to the songs, jumped around, and just had a great time!

Magnifique was truly a night of gaiety and splendor!

Stay tuned to my next blog post to see how the prom ended. :)

The Teenage Queen