Magnifique `12 (JS PROM): Photobooth pictures

 Special thanks to Pose And Print ( for the great photos!

I'm proud to say that I submitted the backdrop layout (the tarp) to the prom committee. Haha I found the backround from Google Images nyahaha.
Anyway, special thanks to Klyde Tiberio of the prom committee for accepting my suggestion!

I really enjoyed my experience with Pose and Print.
The pictures were of great quality, and the layout was nice.
Their crew was friendly, too!
And the lighting was perfect.

I also like how they upload both the photo collage and the individual photos/snapshots in their website!

I will definitely be availing of Pose and Print's services soon :)
They were the best photobooth I've experienced so far (no joke)!

Here are photos of me with Rone, my prom date :D

Super fail photo! Haha this was supposed to be a "He's-gay-but-She's-macho" photo.


With mah siblings from another mother!!
Love these guys to bits and pieces!!

Cyrus, Ralph, Rone and Dave
Belly, Bria, Me and Angeline

Definitely my favorite shot!!

We're one big and happy family!! x


OMG i love these three guys to bits!
Rone, my prom date!
Raha, my guy bestfriend!
Baba, my childhood friend! 

We're almost always up together for some crazy laughs. Haha, thanks for the company, guys!

With my super gentleman prom date!

Rone wasn't supposed to be in the picture....

Awww, I love this candid shot of us! Haha!

Aww my favorite! :) This is so "us". =))


And since we found out that the photobooth was about to close, sinulit talaga namin. =))
We were like "last na, please?"

Beeing our dorky selves.

Thank you for the great photos, Pose and Print!!

The Teenage Queen