Magnifique 2012 (JS PROM): And the clock struck twelve!

Our feet were sore, but we kept on asking for more!

Unfortunately, our prom had to end.
I lead the closing prayer. 
We all thanked the Lord for giving us a night to remember forever. :)

*Some photos were stolen from Brianna, Snow and Reinhardth!

My classmates:) I love yoou, 4A!!

Dani and Tim :)

Me and my date, Rone. :) 

Me, Rone and Ephraim!

Me and Sho!! Awww I love the color of his bow tie. Haha!

Me and this year's Best Dressed of the Night, Reimari. :)

Me and Ren Ren!!

Me and Kimmy! I love the color of her gown!

Me and Papa Julian! Haha! His tux was really nice!

Me and the prom queen!
She was last year's prom princess, too!
Ikaw na, Alecx! HAHA!

Me and Leigh, my love! HAHA!

Teacher Ai!! >:D<

Klyde holding the collage the juniors made:)

Me and my super pretty and kind vice principal, Teacher Lily. :)

Hi, Dave!!

Everyone left home with a pinwheel and a floating lantern. :)

Me and Alyanna :)

With Alec and Reinhardth!

With Erica Bondoc, the prom princess! :)

This picture was taken seconds before my "Great Fall".

Yes, after this picture was shot, I fell 2 steps down.
When I was finally able to stand up, I fell down 2 or 3 steps down again!

*Notice me at the back? That was before the fall. HAHA.

After prom, we went into our rooms and chilled.
Watch out for my next blog posts about some vanity shots and some shots taken during the sleepover! Haha!

Prom was truly a night to remember.
I didn't want the night to end, honestly. :)

The Teenage Queen