Magnifique 2012 (JS PROM): Vanity Sessions!

BEWARE: This blog post is full of our faces. Haha!

Pagbigyan niyo na. Minsan lang kaming magmukhang tao! =P


While at the car going to the Mcdo drive-thru station. Haha!


And because we fell in love with the lighting in the powder room 
(my camera does no justice to what the light has done to us in reality)

After prom vanity shots!


Next photos were grabbed from Brianna Cardenas. Thanks, Bri!!

Omg, eto na...

And because we super loved the lighting in the super big powder room!! HAHA!

Mirror shots!



More mirror shots! Haha!


 Vanity shots------ at 2 o'clock in the morning!

   Oh my, pag kami talaga pinagsama ni Belly. HAHAHA.


"Let them broadcast our love <3"- Belly.
Crazy girl!!

The photographer!

Angeline's outfit shot!


Thanks so much to Bria for taking my shots! :)
<3 <3 <3

I love the candid shots she took, too!

*back story behind the next photos:
they were taken around 2 am, so my feet became really sore.
Forgive me for changing into my mother's sandals. HAHAHAH.. they ruined the photo. :(

Si Rone uma-outfit shots din! HAHA!

Super love this one!

This is me playing Temple Run on Angeline's iPhone.
Alam niyo ba, never akong lumampas ng 10,000? AKO NA LOSER OKAY.

Stay tuned to my next blog post about the slumber party!

The Teenage Queen