Magnifique, JS Promenade 2012: AN OUTFIT POST

February 25, 2012

Hair & make-up by: Bambbi Fuentes
Timog Branch :)

I particularly requested that my make up artist would be no one other than Miss July. :) She's the best!
I had my prom hair and make-up last year done by her, too!

Total cost of hair and make-up (including shampoo, blow dry, heat curling, hair accessories and false eyelashes): 2000+ pesos (but they gave me a discount since it was my birthday last Feb 24 haha, so 1800

I am proud that I was able to pay for my own hair and make-up! :) I wanted to help my parents out, and give them a break from all the spending.

I said I wanted smokey eyes and nude lips :) I'm happy that they helped me achieve the look I super wanted!

Oh, and this was my inspiration for the hair:


Photos of me being made up


Miss July took lots of photos of me inside the dressing room! Haha!

Me and the beautiful Miss July :)


Evening gown made by: Toby Albrando

Try searching his name on Google, and you'd find out that he's one of the famous Filipino designers who specialize in wedding gowns. :)

I love him and his works so much!
We found out about this shop along Kamuning by accident, actually.
We just drove by the shop and I was like "Uy, ang ganda ng shop. Tingnan nga natin."
And right when I entered the shop, I knew for sure that I wanted my gown to be made by him. :)

This was my inspiration for my prom dress. I wanted to imitate the bottom part. :) I wanted a mini skirt seen under a chiffon dress. Oh, and I wanted a nude ensemble, since you know... nude's in. Hehe.

I was able to buy my gown for only 10,000 pesos (that included everything, from the fabrics to the beads, and from the styling and to the making). 

My gown was sort of a
birthday + congratulations for passing into a university gift. 
Thanks, mother dearest!
And I would want to say thank you to the judges for nominating me as Best Dressed of the Night :)
There are three of us who were nominated. :)
Congratulations to Reimari who won the title!! :)
Toby Albrando's desk

My final fitting! (Feb 23)

Dont mind the scarf haha

Oh, and I was pretty much amused because it was my first time to stand straight on a "mini stage" so that the designer could cut my dress to its final length. Cool.

Sama daw sa picture si ate secretary!

The next batch of photos were taken by Brianna Cardenas! 
Woohooo!! Thanks Bria!! 

*Back story behind this first photo. This was taken at around 2am, and my feet were already sore. So I ended up wearing my mother's sandals, thinking that they wont be seen in the photos. But lo and behold!! Panira ng pic, huhu.*

Me and my pretty photographer, Brianna Cardenas! Love u bebe girl!

* I got the shoes from People Are People (brand: Sole Desire). I bought this pair ON THE DAY OF THE PROM ITSELF at Trinoma with my Yaya Susan. Haha! Talk about cramming! Anyway, this originally cost 1,400 pesos. But it was on sale, so I was able to get it for only 699 pesos ! 
*bag was borrowed from my mother
*the necklace and bracelet were borrowed from my sister
*the earrings and ring were borrowed from my mother

The details on my dress

Nail art by Poshnails
Don Antonio branch!
I celebrated my 16th birthday the night before ( I shall blog about it soon).

Manicure= 165
Nail art= 250 
Two pieces nail extensions (since all my nails grew perfectly long, but two of them were chippped off): 90 pesos each (180)

My inspiration for my nails. This design is called "crescent moon" or something like that. Haha. See? I'm actually applying something that I learned from T.L.E (home economics)!

And that's about it!

What do you think of my outfit?:)

I hope that I was able to pull it off. :)

Anyway, prom is all about feeling pretty and confident inside. And that's just how I felt :)

I'd like to thank God for such a memorable night!!

Stay tuned for my next blog posts about prom!!

The Teenage Queen