What is Music to you?

Our final music project was about making a "poster" about what music is to us.
We were free to use any picture (whether it be our own or not) and to edit it (or make pa-edit haha) the way we want it to be, as long as the concept's there.

I kind of got excited when Sir Aldwin announced the Tumblr-themed project to us (haha, ang kulit lang)!

And I'm sure my classmates were, too. =)

So here are some of the outputs that were posted on Facebook:

"Music is our   e s c a p e. "
-Rone & Hershey

*photo grabbed from Snow
*photo edited by Junessa Rendon

"Music is all about the style."
-Style Javier

* I see what you did there, haha

"Ebony or Ivory.. music makes us one."
-Kimmy (Ricki Mae)

"Music keeps us going."
-Angeline, Dave & Belly

*This would be my favorite :) The message of the picture is so.....strong.
*edited by Bria

"Music is an immense source of instant energy. It thrills and it chills."
-Aubrey, Bria and Ralph

*edited by Bria

"Music is the threshold of positivity."
-Klyde and Gab
*edited by Klyde

"Music understands me."
-Dani Barretto

"Hearts beat; hence, music."

* I love this one so much!! Very simple yet very striking!

"Find yourself in music."
-Justin and Alec

*back story behind this photo:
We were at Moonleaf just this afternoon.
Alec was asking for suggestions on what picture to use for their project.
I told them to go take a photo in front of a mirror.
So they went searching for mirrors, and they saw an open & empty studio just a floor above us.
YAN ANG TAWAG SA SWERTE. Libreng studio rental. =)) HAHAHA.

Music plays a huge role in our lives.
 It speaks of anger, sorrow, heartaches, joy, praises, and happiness.
It listens. It advises. It understands.

The Teenage Queen