Blissful Delight: A 1950s-inspired Outfit Post

This is what I wore last Saturday to my 1950s-inpired Sweet 16 :)

Special thanks to my sister, Hiyasmin Neri, for styling me!!

I actually wore two pairs of shoes that day. I originally planned to wear my black Mario D Boro babydoll heels, but then it eventually tore apart that particular day (it was a prettttyyy old pair, lol). Good thing the clubhouse was just a few blocks away from my home! I headed straight home and stepped right into my nude Charles and Keith heels :)


Crochet Top: Feroce Shop | Skirt: It's All About Hue| Bolero: Forever 21|
Knee high socks: Forever 21| Shoes: Aldo| Bag: Bagellia Filipinas

Do you like my bag?:) It's from Bagellia Filipinas! Check them out! ;)

What do you think of my 1950s preppy girl costume?:)

Stay tuned to my next blog post for more pictures of the awesome party! :)

The Teenage Queen