Buy a cupcake; save a life

Dear diary,

                          The cupcake drive was a success! As of now, I only have 10 boxes left with me-- all ready to be given to hungry heroes out there! ;)

You know, I truly believe that deep inside every human out there, is a heart that is ready to help and to give.

I just want to thank everyone, young and old, who has helped out in raising funds to save my friend's life.
You are a blessing to ALL OF US!

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Special thanks to ate Yas Neri for taking the product shoot and for editing all of these :) 


April 11, 2012

I attended House of Dance's second recital rehearsal at the BF QC court.

Kuya Mark ( "THE" chef) was the one who delivered the new batches to me. He drove all the way from his kitchen! ;) He was able to give the cupcakes to me at around 2:30 pm, during our one-and-a-half-our break time.

Baba and Raha helped me carry the cupcakes. We sold them to random recitalists and guardians.

A photo with Raha :)

* A big shout out to Kit! He went to the clubhouse on purpose, just to support the Aid For Joyce campaign. He waited for the cupcakes to be delivered for about 15-20 minutes!  Wow! 
Thank you so much for your support! :) A big hug to you!!! mwah! 

After our break time, Tita Merl Clarete (the owner and founder of House of Dance), held the microphone and called me up in front. She said that there was a special announcement. I was a bit shy, because I didn't know most of the recitalists. But then I told myself,  "This isn't about you, Hershey. This is about Ate Joyce. This is about sharing God's love to her." I quickly went in front and told the people about the Aid For Joyce campaign (please read New Liver, New Life ).

I was very much surprised when I saw a bunch of little ballerinas indian-sitting in front of me. Their eyes  and ears were focused on me. And a little more to the back were jazz students, b-boys, hiphop kids, and the other recitalists, giving me their full attention And then I saw the director, the teachers, the parents. There was no time to waste this moment, for everyone was listening; everyone was a potential hero. 

I told them about Ate Joyce. I told them about how much it bothers me that a person could only live longer with THAT big of an amount of money. It seemed so unfair- no, it was unfair. 
I told them that I demand for a change. I told them that with the help of one another, WE could make a change.

I told them about how we could save a life. I told them about being heroes. I told them that we could be heroes in our own little ways.

I don't know what went inside me when I started tearing up (oh my god, Im forever dramatic). I looked like some crazy person in front, because while I was tearing up, I was laughing and giggling and saying "Oh my god ba't ako umiiyak?!" over and over. Seriously. I really didnt have any idea why I was tearing up-- okay, maybe I do. Maybe because I was too driven, too passionate for this cause. All I saw was Ate Joyce smiling; her family being all happy; and God pouring out all His love and blessings to them. Seeing Ate Joyce healthy made me cry happy tears. I want her to live. I want to help her. I want everyone to help me help her. I want everyone to help one another.

Thankfully, the people just laughed along with me as I made fun of myself in front. And after my talk, A LINE FORMED IN FRONT THE TABLE WHERE THE CUPCAKES WERE SOLD.

Our products were freakin SOLD OUT in literally just TEN MINUTES.

I will forever remember this conversation of mine with such a heroic little ballerina.

Ballerina: I'll buy a box.
Hershey: Wow, thank you dear!
Ballerina: Ate Hershey, how much has aid for joyce earned so far?
Hershey: I think we've earned around 300, 000 pesos. Haha! 11 million 700 thousand to go!
Ballerina: Oh my! Okay, ate hershey. I'll buy TWO boxes instead!!!

I admire her so much for her heart to help and to give. <3 Sigh!! 

After the cupcakes were sold out, a bunch of recitalists came up to me and said that I should sell again! 
"Naubusan ako! Ang daya! Gusto ko rin bumili! wahah!", they kept saying!

Thank you, House of Dance!

April 14, 2012

Recital day.

Tita Merl allowed me to bring in cupcakes to Meralco theater to sell! 
Thanks so much, House of Dance!

Thanks to Samantha Manga for these bunch of photos!:)

It was so nice to see people being so supportive in this campaign!
the 35 boxes of cupcakes were sold out in 30 minutes! wow!

They all told me that they would pray for Ate Joyce.
Some also paid me larger bills, and didn't ask for change. They wanted the change to be added to the funds. Awww :)

I admire everyone for having such beautiful hearts!
 To all those who bought, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!
You are all heroes. You have all helped save a life. 

**Yet another wonderful conversation with another cute little ballerina:

-ballerina and I exchanged smiles during the last runthrough of the finale number-
-ballerina came up to me and whispered something in my ear: "Good luck on your cupcakes, ate hershey"
I didn't help but say "awww" and hugged her in return.
And then she said "I hope your friend gets well soon."
and then she hugged me.


huhu. I forgot her name (ugh im not good with names!!). But I will always remember her and her beautiful heart <3


Please buy cupcakes from us! We have 10 boxes left. :)

100% of the proceeds go to Aid For Joyce. :)

Sadly, since Chef Mark is flying back to Bangkok next week, we won't be able to bake cupcakes.
But we're still looking for more ways to be able to continue this cupcake drive and/or to start a new fun way to raise funds!

Here are some satisfied HEROES :

A student from HOD shared this status on Facebook :)

I hope that you would help my friend live longer :)
Please pray for her and for this campaign.

Let's be heroes in our own little ways.

The Teenage Queen