Cheers to lechon, chicharon, and paksiw!

We attended a fiesta in Pampanga, my dad's province, last Sunday.
What I love most about attending fiesta is, of course, the GLORIOUS FEAST! We actually went to three different houses just to gobble up lechon. Bwahahaha.

Haha, putting my baboy-ness aside, I would also say that I enjoyed watching the people practice their culture. I saw giant mascots dancing along the streets, strangers going inside random people's house just to eat what is prepared on the table, vendors pushing a cart filled with colored baby chickens sold for 20 pesos each, people watching the prusisyon, men making "chika" while drinking beer at day time, etc.

And that's what I admire about people in the province: they have simple wants and simple needs. They are happy & contented with their slow-paced environment. Oh, and do you know that because of the small population, almost everyone in Macabebe, Pampanga know each other (and for some weird reason, almost all of them are, in one way or another, related! lol! ) ?

Me, Ate Yas, and Ate Yvette (a relative)
Thanks to Tita Yollee for the pasalubongs from USA! heehee.

Special thanks to Uncle George, Uncle Joe, and Lola Mimi for having us that day!
Our stomachs almost exploded from all the eating! heehee!

The Teenage Queen