Just some good ole friends in the kitchen, making a difference

Dear Diary,
                                 Do you still believe that unselfish, generous people still exist?
                                 Do you still believe that, with the help of one another, we could make a difference?
                                 Do you still believe that raising the much needed 12 million pesos is possible?

                                 I do.

                                And I think that it was all in God's plan that my family and the Manlapaz peeps had lunch together last Sunday.

                              While Kuya Mark Manlapaz, an INTERNATIONAL chef (think Boracay shang+ CCA + top culinary student in Bangkok.... okay I dont know if I should be saying these, but I just really admire him for all his accomplishments! And what I like most is that he still remains the most humble man I know... okay I think I just put too much sentences in this parenthesis already lol ) , my sister, and I were chit chatting, we suddenly came upon Ate Joyce. I shared with him this post, and he felt that God wanted to move through him, too. We decided to make a Cupcake Drive, where 100% of the proceeds will go to the Aid For Joyce Campaign.

                                 On April 10, 2012 (Tuesday), an hour right after my dance rehearsals (which I will blog about soon, of course), my good friends came over my house to start MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

Let me recap about what happened that day:

  • 5:00 pm
  • Kuya Mark, or should I say Chef Mark, went over to my house
  • We set everything up together! It was fun pulling out loads of ingredients and utensils from the plastic bags he carried!

I just want to thank Kuya Mark for his generosity. Thank you so much for everything you did, Kuya!
Thanks for the donations (ingredients, utensils, packaging, labor, car gas, etc)!
Thank you so much for your heart in this!
You are a blessing to all of us!
May God bless you with overflowing blessings!

  • 5:45 pm: Ate Joyce and Ate Lindy arrived! They came all the way from Caloocan! :)
They were their usual cheerful selves. We were so happy that we had enjoyed each other's presence!

Ate Joyce wanted to help too! :)

  • 6:30 pm: My sister, Ate Yas, and her business partner, Ate Kim, finally arrived!
Actually, they were so driven to help Ate Joyce when they found out about her story.
Ate Kim wanted to help so badly. She already thought of future projects for fund raising. 
She was even more compelled to help when she found out that she and Ate Joyce were actually batchmates in college before! What a small world!

When Ate Joyce and Ate Kim saw each other, they hugged and made chika.
They also phoned their old friends. It was a reunion for the two of them. :)

It's baking time!! First up: blueberry cupcakes!

Let me tell you that whisking just isn't my thing.... LOL! Kapagod sa muscles!

Hi, Ate Kim!

First batch ready to be baked!!!!

  •                                   MERIENDA TIME! Ate Yas and Ate Kim bought pizzas! :) And just in time, my parents also came in with buckets of Jollibee chicken and pasta!! :) yaay!

Dad and the Pimentel siblings talking :)

  • Okay, so now back to baking...

Yay for first batch! 

Ate Lindy, Ate Yas and me!! :)

Now time to bake cheesecake brownies!!

Now this is how you make marble brownies!! hehe! Toothpick lang pala ang katapat!

Ate Joyce and Ate Lindy bonding while swirling their toothpicks all over the brownie mix!

It's dinner time! We had Chinese food for dinner.

  •          We had a "pop corn" prayer before eating dinner (wherein each person in the room will say his or her prayer). We all thanked the Lord for the wonderful time of fellowship, praised Him for his goodness and faitfhfulness to us, blessed the Pimentel family, and of course, claimed Ate Joyce's healing and provision.
We know for sure that God will use ate Joyce as an instrument to be a blessing to others.
Just so you know, she's a LIVING MIRACLE. Rarely do people survive/ get old with Biliary Artresia (most kids only last until 7 years old). 
But look, it's been 23 years, AND SHE'S ALIVE AND HAPPY. We know for sure that she will WIN this fight, for God is beside her, and she has God's favor. 

After this battle, she will serve as a living testimony that God is faithful. God is truly working in her life. She will have an amazing story to tell. :) She will be an instrument to bless other people with her case, too. :)

Dad and Ate Joyce talking about her much needed liver transplant :) Dad also made sure to give her good company.
She needed to rest, and all this baking stuff drained her energy. Dad let her sit down because he didn't want her
to get sick from fatigue. 

We finished baking at around 1 am.
All our hardship paid off, because our cupcakes were SOLD OUT on the first day (thanks to House of Dance, who were so supportive in this campaign)!!!

We sold cupcakes from Wednesday-Saturday, and it was such a success!
  As of the moment, we have already raised 5 thousand pesos.
That's not enough!! We're planning to do more cupcake drives to be able to raise enough money!

And while Chef Mark stays in Bangkok (where he studies), we're going to think of more ways to fund raise!


I just wanna thank the Lord for giving us each other.

Kuya Mark is such a talented chef! He is a gentleman with a heart to serve.
Ate Kim and Ate Yas are such wonderful event organizers! They know the where's, what's and how to's of just about everything! I can't wait for our future events!

Ate Joyce and ate Lindy are such blessings to us. They never fail to inspire us and make us smile with their cheerfulness. We thank God for giving us new friends, and of course, an addition to our family <3

Forgive my eyebags and haggard-ness! lol! 

YOU could be a hero, too!
Support the Aid For Joyce Campaign!

  • buy the campaign shirt for 350 pesos! (click here)
  • buy cupcakes or brownies from us (only until april 17, 2012)
  • pray for Ate Joyce and the campaign
  • donate at the following banks: 
Bank account: Banco de Oro – Diliman Capitol Hills Branch
Account name: Joyce Anne Pimentel
Account no. (Peso): 3920023875

Bank account: Banco de Oro – SM City Fairview Branch
Account name: Corazon de Jesus Pimentel
Account no. (Peso): 1270940579

Bank account: Banco de Oro – SM City Fairview Branch
Account name: Corazon de Jesus Pimentel
Account no. (USD): 101270539688

  • donate at the ff donation jars:  Moonleaf Don Antonio, Moonleaf Sgt Esguerra, Icebergs Timog, ang Glam Nails & Skin Spa at Sgt Esguerra. 

God bless you! 
Thanks for helping me save my friend's life.

The Teenage Queen