You Only Live Once.

It's been a while since my girlfriends and I hung out (to be specific, it's been 28 days).
We decided to go on a girls' day out last April 21.

Our agenda?
Shop at Forever 21.

Forever 21 The Block opened their doors to public that day.
We were actually a bit hesitant to go, because we feared long lines and the typical "shoulder-to-shoulder" sort of population inside. We also read a lot of tweets saying that there was a super long line at the entrance of the door.

I think it was a good thing that we arrived SUPER LATE (ehem, all thanks to me and my turtle-ish ways). We got to Forever 21 at around 2 o'clock (we were supposed to go there at around 11 am, heehe).

We were surprised to see that there wasn't that much people inside!! yaay!

While shopping for 1950s- inspired stuff for my costume party this Saturday, I spotted THE Arnie Villanueva of Raid My Closet. I was like "Omg, omg, omg, omg". I knew I had to say hi to her. I just had to! haha!
So, being my old gawky and clumsy self, I dropped the bow tie I was holding and went up to her  (NICE GOING, HERSHEY).

I was like, "Ate Arnieee!" (She used to be a customer of my online shop).
Thankfully, she still recognizes me.

Excitement got the best of me, and I babbled and babbled and babbled a lot. I think it was awkward for her, seeing a girl talk and talk and talk up in front. But oh well. LOLZ.

Just as about I was going to ask for a photo with her, THE Kyla Zuniga of It's All About Hue went up to us (okay, maybe to Ate Arnie). She was like, "Arnieee!" . And then she saw me (I'm her suki!).
We had a photo together :) I was super duper kilig because 2 of my idols were in the same photo with me!! ackhh. Kilig vibes.

Arnie Villanueva, Kyla Zuniga, Me

Right after we said good bye to each other, I kept on babbling to my friends about how I wished I wasn't that haggard that day. My make-up was smudged all over and my hair was all over the place!!
But whatever. They were so friendly and nice.Heehee. :)

I was able to buy plenty of stuff that day. I used up my Gift Certificates. :)

Forever 21 The Block is such a nice store:)
It's not that big, but it's not small either. It has a good lighting, at "HINDI NAKAKALULA YUNG MGA ITEMS". I enjoyed my shopping experience there!! :)

Right after shopping, we crossed the bridge to go to Trinoma.
From there, we saw a smoke coming out of a burning building.
There were plenty of firetrucks racing their way to the place.
We stopped for a moment of prayer for the victims.

Good thing I didn't hear anyone die from the incident. Guys, please be careful next time! Especially now that it's the Summer Season. 

We went to Taco Bell to eat late lunch.
We did a lot of omg-nakakahiya-ka-ang-jeje-mo stuff.

Belly spilled her drink. I took photo manipulations of a masungit lolo bathing inside a Taco Bell cup. We laughed at people having a hard time eating their tacos (wagas eh). 

Omg. We're forever jeje. Eeew.

Right after eating, we watched the movie 'The Lucky One'.
It's actually a really cute movie, but it was sort of disappointing.
I myself haven't read the book yet, for your information.

It was just that I didn't get to feel "driven" right after the movie.
There was just no chemistry between the two main characters (but they were good actors!).

But oohh lala, I got so kilig because of Zac Efron's hot boddehhh.

Also, we didn't get to 'feel' the movie that much, because the people sitting in front of us were grandmommies. And everytime there was a "sexual scene" between the two characters, the grandmas kept LAUGHING OUT LOUD and hitting each other. We were like "ayiee, natatandaan nila kabataan nila". HAHAHAHAHA. It was so cute to see them getting kilig.

Right after watching the movie, we got thirsty again.

Being my "practical" self, I got Belly's "Drink-All-You-Can" cup and headed straight to Taco Bell again and made "pa-simple" to have my drink refilled. 

I dont know if that's even "allowed" , but my excuse is that they didn't state any expiration date on until when we should claim free refills!!! hehe. You only live once, after all. Better take risks! LOL

All of us had our own YOLO moments. Angeline spotted the pants she was wearing displayed on a mannequin. Brianna was dared to do stretching while on the escalator. Belly saw a life-sized Thor that looked like her =))

Okay, we're immature, jeje people... but we love each other so much. =)) HAHAHAHA.

Thank God for true friends:)

The Teenage Queen