BTS: The Dream Team

Behind-the-scenes photos of our group shoot last April 23.

Let me just say that something amazing really happens whenever we guys hang out.
Trust me, us girls are meant for each other. Naks. Hahaha.

* Oh, and I just got a new DSLR the day before, so let me show you guys some of my first shots.

Forgive me, I'm not a photographer (and I don't have plans of being one; I'm contented with being a blogger, lol)

2pm. We invaded the Bahay ng Alumni's rest room, and made it our very own "dressing room". lol.

Okay, we had no other choice but to  put our bags there. LOL.

Ate Mitch doing her magic!

We drove round UP to look for the perfect location.
We stumbled upon this BEAUTIFUL parking lot.
We knew we just had to shoot there.

And because we forgot to bring our tripods.... LOL.

A random photographer dude came towards us and asked whether we wanted him to take our photos.
We found out that he was a prof in UP who was teaching cinematography. 

The shots are all really nice, hands down!
We really do hope that we could get the photos via email. We've been contacting him, but I guess he's still pretty busy. 

His students came to us and asked whether we wanted to model for their Fashion Photography Workshop (which is happening, like, right now, today). But then they told us days later that only one member from
Pipe Dreams could represent. We decided to turn the offer down. It's either we all go, or no one does. PIPE DREAMS 4EVER.

We ate at Rodic's after a very tiring day. :) Trust me, their tapsilog is HEAVEN.

These girls are a blessing to me :)

Here's to more clients and shoots to come!

The Teenage Queen

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