BTS: Pipe Dream's First Client Shoot

May 16,  2012

It's such a real blessing to have these girls with me.  I mean it, I really super duper love these girls to bits.

 It's really funny how we are so different from one another, but in the end, we all just treat each other as family.

** Can you believe it's only our third time meeting each other, but it's as if we have known each other for years now? LOL. **

Anywaaay, this day shall be marked as THE DAY WE BECAME "OFFICIAL".
Yep, this was our very first client shoot. Super thank you to Brianna for believing in us! We love you so much, you pretty girl!

Here are some photos I grabbed from Junessa. Loool.

Tank top: Folded N Hung, Shorts: bazaar, Shoes: Forever 21, Socks: Forever 21, Bag: Impulse Co

Rockin' the reflector!

Kat "directing" her. Hahahaha. Best creative director in the world!

Weeeeeee. Matching shoes with Junessa! Well, sorta.

Giving modelling tips to Brianna :)

Hands down to Mitch Mabutas for the make-up! You just made a very beautiful girl EVEN MORE beautiful!
Imagine how jealous we were of Brianna that day! Haha. She was such a doll.

At the parking lot. We jumped for joy when we saw that there weren't other cars parked there.
BUUUUUUUUUUUUT there was this scary security guard who kept checking us <or brianna> out.
And when he asked us why we were there, we all "played along" with our "invented excuse" : Uhm, Kuya, college students po kami sa Ateneo. Kailangan po namin ito para sa project namin.


Ate Mitch and her much envied bag!

Thank goodness it didn't smell back there! Hahaha. Ironically, the parking lot smelled okay even though
it was full of trash. :P

Brianna's theme for her shoot was something like
"I am still strong despite everything that had happened to me. "

"Uy may kotseng dadaan!!!!"

Ate Kat and her mighty-pointing-finger-that-she-uses-to-direct-us-around

When I look into your eyes, it's like watching the night skyyyyy <3 <3 <3


So at the latter part of the day, we got to "solve the mystery" that has been bothering us all day long: Who were those people who kept on whistling and laughing?!

When we looked up, we saw them. Uhm, okay. You guys are gross.

Group shots! Yay <3

I love you, girls!
Junessa , Kat, Bria, Me and Mitch!

Can we like, change the phrase "For Lease" to "For Hire"?  Hahahahaha.


Photographers: Junessa Rendon &Kat Rosario
MUA: Mitch Mabutas
Public Relations Manager: Hershey Neri