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I've been receiving a lot of inquiries from my friends about Brow Haus. They said that they've read


blog post of mine and suddenly became interested. 

 I thought of making another blog post featuring browhaus so that I could answer their questions :)


We should remember that eyebrows are an essential part of the face, because they frame and define it.  Having our eyebrows groomed is as important as having our hair cut regularly, and that is why I only trust my brows to Browhaus, the brow experts."

Here are some photos of me "rocking" my caveman brows. Eckhh. Just looking at makes me shudder. 

Now, to the grooming part!

Q: Does it hurt?

A: It's not completely painless, but it's LESS PAINFUL than having your brows groomed at other salons. Because in other salons, they use NORMAL THREAD. As in, the thread we use in sewing clothes. THAT'S A BIG NO NO BECAUSE "NORMAL THREAD" IS NOT SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR THE FACES, and just to remind you people: OUR FACES ARE SENSITIVE.

Browhaus uses SPECIAL 100% cotton threads that are imported and specially designed for the face.

Also, Browhaus is less painful because the staff (or the "BROW ARCHITECTS") really know what they're doing. They learned their techniques from Singapore, where Browhaus first started in. 

Trust me, it's really not that painful. I really noticed the difference of painfulness between that of other salons and Browhaus.  I recall my first visit to Browhaus. Right after my service I asked "Tapos na? Yun na yun? Ba't hindi siya ganun kasakit?" Hahaha!

Q: There are plenty of other threading salons out there. Is it really worth it to try the threading services at Browhaus?

A: Yes, there are plenty of salons out there, but I honestly can tell that nothing compares to the service that Browhaus gives me.

Let me tell you a secret. I used to have my brows done at a nearby waxing salon, but I was never completely satisfied by their service. Minsan nasusugatan ako, minsan hindi pantay yung pagkagawa, at minsan makikipag away pa sakin yung girl if I complain na I'm not satisfied with the outcome. Geez. WHAT A SERVICE.

And another factor why threading is painful in other salons is because YOUR SKIN GETS PULLED TOGETHER WITH THE HAIR AND THREAD. Tsk tsk. 

Browhaus is really professional in what they do. I mean it.

And when they groom your brows, THEY DON'T JUST STOP AT THREADING. They make sure to go the extra mile by TRIMMING, PLUCKING,  AND EVEN BRUSHING your brows.

They applied Ice Cream, what they call their soothing lotion, on my face to reduce

swelling :)

 And their staff is SMART, POLITE, CLEAN, and PROFESSIONAL. 

Yes, may emphasis talaga ang




. Malaking factor yun.

Don't you just love their walls? You could pick a style of brows you want and consult your Brow

Architect whether or not it will suit your face. Trust in your Brow Archtiect

because she knows what's best for you. They make sure to style and groom your brows to

frame your face perfectly.

Q: What branch do you go to? And who's your brow architect?

A: I usually go to the Fort branch. I tried the Greenbelt branch too, and yep, they're also good. But it's just more convenient for me to go to the Fort. My brow architect (and my mom's, too) is always Miss Izza. We love her.

Fun fact: She was the very first person to groom my brows. See, I've loved her work on me ever since the very start! Parang hiyang na ako sakanya. She knows what I want perfectly :) Of course, everyone in Brow Haus is great!! They are all professionals and experts. Kay Miss Izza lang talaga ako hiyang. :)

Q: I think 580 pesos is too much for an eyebrow threading service. Is it really worth it?

A: Yup. As i said before, we go to salons to have our hair cut and to spas to have our skin pampered and rejuvenated. That's why it's also a must for us to go to experts to have our brows groomed, because brows are what frame and define our faces! 

For me, 580 is really worth it because you get the service that you really deserve. 

Kesa naman dun sa 100 pesos na chakang service in other salons :) I really love Browhaus. There's just something in Browhaus that makes it different and stand out from other threading salons. 

Plus, what you're trying to groom here are your brows! The brow area is a sensitive part. Plus, the eyes are the first thing that people look at, so it's a must to have well-defined brows! 

 You wouldn't want to entrust your eyebrows to unprofessional ones, now would you?

Let me just tell you:

Their service= BAM

 The staff= BAM

The atmosphere= BAM


Don't worry, there are packages naman. Mom and I availed of the 12 sessions package. Bali 480 nalang per service ang binabayad mo. There is also the 17 sessions package. I think that's way cheaper compared to the price of the 12 sessions package. 

Tip: You'd get to SAVE A LOT if you'd avail of the packages.

And now, to the results:


Before (above) and after (below) photo

 My best friend complimented my new look. She said that it looks so clean and polished. It made her want to try out Browhaus, too, because she was traumatized by the pimples she got that were caused by her last threading experience at *insert beauty salon here*.

Here's a closer look of the salon. I love their interior!

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When it comes to my brows, I never settle for less! Browhaus all the way! 

Price list:

  1. Brow construction

-reconstruct your brows to its rightful shape. In our quest for the perfect arch, we have found the way to construct every individual’s best brow- from angle to peak, root to tip.

*classic threading= 580 pesos

*modern tweezing= 580 pesos

2. Browgraphy

-Add color tweaking to your thread or tweeze for a full browgraphy. In addition to shaping, brows are also lightened or darkened a notch to achieve perfect harmony.

*threading= 1,280 pesos

*tweezing= 1,280 pesos

3.Color Tweak

-If your brows demand an extra boost of color, we have vegetable-based dyes in our arsenal of tools to give you that brow je ne sais quoi. Soften features with a lighter shade or darken your brows for added definition. For the true perfectionist, there is no perfect brow without the perfect color.

4.Brow Resurrection ver 2.4

*full brows= 35,000 pesos

* lengthening= 25,000 pesos

5.Brow Tuning ver 2.4

* 4,500 pesos


-Sometimes, feminine wiles call for a deeper gaze. Unleash the full power of your sexy, fluttering lashes by tinting them a shade darker for a more dramatic, mysterious look.

7. Lash in bloom ver 2.1

*3,800 pesos

8. Sideway thread

-Overworked hormones tend to result in unwanted furry action where there shouldn’t---the face. We give you stroke-worthy cheeks and chin with this smooth solution.

*900 pesos

9. Complete workout

-A full face treatment: brow construction, upper smooth, face, and forehead threading for the ultimate refined look.

Individual threads

Upper lip: 200 pesos

Lower lip: 200 pesos

Forehead: 320 pesos

Sideburns: 640 pesos

Chin: 320 pesos

Fingers: 260 pesos

Cheeks: 320 pesos

                                                    BRANCHES IN MANILA :

2F Serendra Bonifacio High St. Bonifacio Global City Taguig 

Store Hours: 

Sun-Thurs: 11AM to 9PM 

Fri-Sat: 11AM to 10PM


+632 9010597


+63 917 5771352

4F Greenbelt 5 Phase 2 Legaspi Street, Ayala Center Makati 

Store Hours:

Sun-Thurs: 11AM to 9PM 

Fri-Sat: 11AM to 10PM


+ 632 5013998

They also have branches in Singapore, New York, Shanghai, Jakarta, and Hongkong.

You may visit them at www.browhaus.com

I'm planning to have my brows colored, too. Will have to think it over first :)

 Tell me all about your Browhaus experience! I'm interested to hear!


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