Featured: Posh and Glam Fashion & Beauty Lounge

An oasis- that was the first word that came in my mind when I stepped into this place.

Amidst all the gray and black, this dainty little two-store boutique shines and shouts out "PINK!! " to every person or car that pass by it.

 It's a new store in town, about a month old, and I like to think that it's my very own secret little hiding place in the busy streets of Don Antonio.

It's called POSH AND GLAM, and it's located at #13 Holy Spirit Drive, Isidora Hills, Don Antonio, Quezon City (right beside the BF HOMES GATE, in front of Metropole and BDO).

 I remember that it was last year when I saw a lot of carpenters constructing and renovating this place. I kept on thinking, "What the hell are they trying to build?". I even remember going on a bet with Raha, my bus mate. Every time we passed by the construction site going home, we tried to guess what it was supposed to be. He said it was going to be a restaurant. I said it was going to be a salon. Of course, my guess was closer to the real answer. So technically, I still won the bet...wahaha. He owed <still owes> me twenty pesos (UHMM RAHA. Yes, I would like to remind you that I won the bet. I could claim my prize any time now, thank you).  

Construction lasted a year and 3 months! And I say that the wait was soooooo worth it. The place is freakin amazing. The details, oh my gosh you should pay attention to them! Every little bit of the place is in connection with the color motif of black, pink and purple. Yes, I mean it when I say "black, pink and purple". From the couches to the lotion bottle down to the blades of the ceiling fans! Everything's so detailed, I love it!

Okay, so enough of my babbling.

Posh and Glam is actually what I call "EVERY GIRL'S DREAM BOUTIQUE".
It has everything in it. It's like your one stop store for everything girly!

And when I say everything, I freakin' say everything.

They've got imported clothes (say hello to Billabong, Pink, American Eagle,  DKNY, etc).

They've got bags ( yep, imported bags like XOXO, Nine West, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Coach, etc).

They've got make-up, brushes, and other kikay stuff! They've got Loreal, Maybelline, NYX, etc!

They've got lotions, body butters, and other stuff for pampering (AND YES, THEY HAVE VICTORIA'S SECRET. Yes. I will forever be a VS girl, and thank goodness I dont have to go all the way to States just to buy my favorite body lotions).

They've got shoes, underwear, watches, wallets...........

Drooling over Havaianas, Steve Madden, Nine West, etc!

The list could go on and on, and I think I've already proven my point.

BUT WAIT. Here's the great part: It's not JUST a shop.

At the second floor lies the super duper relaxing spa!
Sigh. Just writing this down makes me miss being there.
Here, let me share you a story of my first visit to POSH AND GLAM.

May 4, 2012

Junessa and I, looking all haggard and nene and eewy, just came from a shoot at Moonleaf Don Antonio ( I cant spill the beans just yet! But here's a clue: it's a new giveaway, and moonleaf is my sponsor!).  In short, I didn't feel pretty and I just wanted to pamper myself.

So when we rode the tricycle going home, I blurted out to her that I wanted -no, NEEDED- some pampering.

Of course, I had to drag her along. We both needed to "De- Gremlin-nize" our monsterous nails. LOL.

When we got to the shop, we both ooh-ed and ahh-ed at every corner of the room. 
And when we got to the spa, our jaws fell.
The stairs

She took her trusty ole D-SLR from her bag (she's a photographer, and a great one, I must say. Go check her shots here), and I took my iPhone from mine.
We started taking pictures- lots of 'em. 

BTW, Junessa writes, too. Go check out her blog about POSH AND GLAM, too! Check THIS OUT 

I can't explain any further why I fell in love with this place. It's girly and classy and everything in between.

And because a picture is worth a thousand more words, I'll just let my shots do all the explaining.

  • The mani-pedi area. I love their seats. It gives the room a touch of 'royalty'

  • The salon

  • The steam/ scrubbing room

The massage rooms

Junessa and I decided to have a mani-pedi.
And oh my goodness, do you know how much it costed? 

Only 300 pesos. WHAT A DEAL! It's really cheaper compared to the other nail salons in Don Antonio.
But since we wanted our nail polish to be Orly, we paid an additional 60 pesos. Not bad! It's STILL cheaper than the other nail salons here.

Me getting my feet washed in warm water and cleaned with minty soap :)

Junessa getting her manicure :)

Junessa: Hershey, ang fickle minded mo!

HAHAHAHAHA. I literally consumed more than 20 minutes in choosing the color of my polish.
I am such a sigurista. =))

Transformation from Gremlin-like feet to that of a Princess' :)

I love my polish! I chose Orly's Country Club Khaki for my nails :) 

 After having ourselves spoiled, we went down to check out their stuff.
Do you see the macaroon-like chairs? So cute!!

We were supposed to head home, but then it rained like cats and dogs.
We had no choice but to stay in. The staff was more than happy to have us stay.
They were soooo hospitable, they even offered us coffee pandesal to eat for merienda!

Afternoon Tea for Two & Pampering Too!
Since Mothers' Day is in 6 days, they are offering beauty packages for you and the best girl in the world! :)

  • No Mineral Oil on body massage and scrub serivces
  • No Glycols, petro chemicals, sulfates, and other harmful ingredients on our facial services
  • ALL ORGANIC, ALL  NATURAL & ECO-FRIENDLY skin care products

"I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and... I believe in miracles. - Audrey Hepburn"

I swear, this girl is my lucky charm. Every time we go out, we always get freebies or discounts or special offers! haha!
I love this gal right here. I cant wait to study in Manila with her!! weeee 

The rain subsided within 45 minutes. The staff bid us their friendly goodbyes. Trust me, they are the sweetest, most friendliest staff in the world! <3 Thank you so much, Posh and Glam! This is truly an experience to remember. YALL JUST GOT YOURSELVES A REGULAR CUTOMER--- Me!

Can't wait to get pampered by you guys again!
Thanks for this photo, Junessa!


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Visit their boutique! It's worth it, I promise <3 
#13 Holy Spirit Dr. Isidora Hills, QC
Tel Nos. 442-7994 / 341-02-49