A Night of First's

The night I rode the rodeo, danced with the waiters in Johnny Rockets, went to the mall in PJs, slept over with friends, and "dishonored" my dentist--- all for the very first time.

May 14, 2012

We celebrated Angeline's (aka "Ging") Sweet Sixteen a day later than her "real" birthday.
We really didn't have an agenda planned out. We all just knew that we were gonna hang at Eastwood, sleepover at her condo and leave the next day.

Not one of us had a single clue of what sorts of epic-ness awaited us that day!

Let me share you all a very long photo blog of what happened on my day of first's:

1. It was actually our first time, in a veerrryyy long time, to have a reunion. As in, a reunion where EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US WAS ACTUALLY PRESENT. It felt so nice for our group to be complete again :)

* Taken with my most favorite game in my iPhone: SNOOPY'S STREET FAIR. looool. HAHAHAHA!

2. It was my first time to ride the rodeo. 

We saw this rodeo place along Eastwood walk. I was like "Pshh this ride is for babies". I guess I was wrong. LET ME TELL YOU THAT MY LEGS HURT FOR 3 DAYS BECAUSE OF THIS RIDE. Hahahaha.

Feel free to watch the video! lol, don't judge :P

3. It was also my first time in a veryyyyyyyyy long time to watch a movie at the old Eastwood mall! We watched the Dark Shadows! The movie was great...and freaky..but great :)

4. It was my first time to eat with friends at Johnny Rocket's 

.................and to dance with the waiters. HAHAHAHAHA. I am such a dare devil (chos)! 


The waiters sang Angeline a birthday song! How cute!! x 

Hi, Ralph!

Hi, Rone!

 4. It was my first time to "act drunk" at Eastwood.....................when we actually WERE NOT. HAHAHAHA.

We made a fool of ourselves by skipping and jumping and laughing along the Eastwood walk at 12 am. Nobody was around. Most of the people were drunk ones at the bar. We just stayed at the Eastwood walk, you know..............stepping on the names of famous people, and laughing our malicious, evil laugh.
Example. BWAHAHAHAHAHA INAAPAKAN KO SI "_______<name of celebrity here>"
Hahahaha. C'mon! It's not all the time we get to do this. Let us be kids for a night, lol! :P

The boys sort of got bored with trying to follow us girls wherever we go. They had a world of their own.

Us girls left them behind (lol) and we walked like divas to the bar area. We faked giggles. Some people asked if we wanted to enter their bars. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

We also made a fool of ourselves by internalizing different roles.
I was the "HOKAY". Bria was the "INCREDIBLE HOOLK". Belly was the "CHOOR". Angeline was the "BLACK WINDOW". And together, we teamed up against Chela and Vicky, whose roles remain a mystery to all of us til now (but seriously, who were you guys trying to act out again?? haha, some heroes from Marvel too, I guess).

So imagine this: we were playing hide and seek at the garden are beside the dancing fountain at the "New Eastwood"---- at 12 IN THE MIDNIGHT.

We crawled through bushes and hid under chairs. We saw people dating < kissing> in the dark. We kept shouting "ABENJARS, ASSEMBLE". (I KNOWWW WE'RE SO JOLOGS HAHA).

And the highlight of my night?
It was when us girls shouted "3..2..1... ABENJARS!!!! *with matching poses* " at the middle of the street going to the pedestrian walk. Call center agents freakin' stared at us like we were drugged. HAHAHAHHAHA. 

Oh my goodness. It was one crazy, alcohol-free , wholesome night with friends, and I couldn't think of any other better way to spend it :D It was one of my best nights ever!

PS. I have photos of our poses.... but they are just too embarrassing to post it here. HAHAHA.

5. It was  my first time to get harrassed....

By my friends.

In a sleeping bag.

And I was also brought outside of the condo unit's door.
And I had to knock on the door for like, 10 times.
And by knocking, that included shouting  "HELP" and "I HATE YOU GUYS" really fast because i was afraid to get eaten by the monsters that lurked the hallways at midnight.

5. It was actually my first time to go on a sleepover with boys! My parents trusted me enough :) Yay for that! 

It was also my first time to stay awake 'til 6am with friends.............

We told horror stories. Laughed our butts off. Teased <harassed> each other. Made jokes. And yep..we also watched Baby TV <by we, I mean me, Angeline and Belly; we tried to entertain ourselves while everyone else was either trying to sleep or making chika> . AND NOT ONLY THAT---- we must admit... we actually were entertained.

6. It was also my first time to eat "breakfast" at 11:30pm......... at eastwood............. in our freakin' PJs.

Oh gosh, imagine how many stares from strangers we got that day! 

 *At Mcdonald's. Dave was trying to make me jealous because he had a sundae, and I didn't.
I love how this photo seems to look "faked", but in fact, it really IS candid. LOL.

Funny thing that happened at Mcdo: 
While we were in our PJs, eating around the table, we saw rich, well-dressed, pretty girls at our backs. And we were like "dang, I feel degraded". HAHAHA.

Oh, and yes. We entered the mall in PJs, too.

<well, definitely not one of us, because we weren't dressed like one... HAHAHA>

Dave got us a free drink! HAHA YAY! Rocksalt and cheese <3333

 7. And last but not the least,

it was my first time to disobey my dentist's order .

LOL. Haha you all know that I have this small 2-minute timer that i got the day I had my braces right?
So I had to brush my teeth for 2 minutes everyday. But, after everything I did that night, I felt so bad ass, so I decided to cap off my dare devil stunts by "dishonering my dentist". I BRUSHED MY TEETH FOR ONLY A MINUTE.

Okay, forgive me for this incredibly long photo blog.

I just wanted to document how epic that night was.

Happy birthday, Angeline!

I love you, my best friends :) I could never act as silly with any other people than you guys.

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