Tacky Tangerine

May 5, 2012

I was half awake when I sensed that there was someone nudging my shoulder. It was my father. 

He told me to accompany him to watch my sister's fashion show that day. He said I could tag anyone along.
Of course, I chose to adopt Bria, my ever fashionable babe. :)

Okay so what do you wear in a mall-based fashion show?
It's not a high-end show ala Philipiine Fashion week.
And it's not a jeje, low class show either, because the event was at Shangri-La Mall.
It's somewhere in between. So I chose to wear something casual yet decent (a big no no to sando and shorts!)

But then I realized that all of my decent clothes are still in the laundry basket.

I called Bria on FaceTime and asked her what she was going to where.
She showed me her outfit:  a floral pair of shorts and a sheer white polo.

I opted to wear my floral shorts, too.
But THEN I REALIZED I don't have a top to go with it. Bwahahaha. So I picked out a random dress from my closet and used it as a top (thanks for the dress, Ate Iza!!). But it just didn't look that much "complete", so I got my orange Promod sweater that I got as a gift from my Tita.

The thing with me is that I don't like the color orange.
I think it's too tacky. 

But hey, as what I learned from my babe Dani Barretto of Style Is Eternal, "Fashion is a risk".

So I tried it out. And I sort of liked it.


Bench clothing

Instagraming! lol

Bria's OOTD

Haha! Yep, Orange is the color of the day! *wink wink*


Dress (top) : Gift
Shorts: Leuqcar
Cardigan: Promod
Shoes: Nine West
Bag: Greenhills

Congrats, ate yas!

Instagram-ing again!! :P

After the show, we started craving for pasta, so we headed to Don Antonio and ate at FELICITY !! :) 
Located at the second floor of the building in front of School Stop and Cake 2 Go:D

Have you ever worn something you initially didn't like, but then it turned out to look good after all ?:)

The Teenage Queen